Marilyn Parker A Fool? Nah, Try Idiot

Woman is crazy. Certifiable. Can’t believe people trust her with their health.

Look what LEO dug up:

Failed 3rd congressional district candidate/Louisville Tea Party board member Marilyn Parker has a Facebook page and, wouldn’t you know it, she’s using it to berate Muslims at the expense of Hurricane Katrina victims.


Of course, we are LEO Weekly, and to someone like Parker, we’re just not to be trusted with information or sexy ads or empirical reality. In a hideously formatted and largely incoherent screed aimed at Kentucky 3rd district Congressman (and LEO founder) John Yarmuth, Parker calls our publication “a voice box for liberal socialists, whose classified advertises every kind of sex advertisement known to man.” [sic]

Sorry to disappoint. But I guess when you partake in the pleasures of the secular flesh, things like “knowing what in the fuck you’re talking about” come a little easier.

Someone should ask Genius Parker about how she believes most black parents are unmarried. Maybe ask her about how she believes kids automatically segregate themselves (that wouldn’t at all have anything to do with racist parents, nah).

1 thought on “Marilyn Parker A Fool? Nah, Try Idiot

  1. Someone better tell Marilyn that Rev. Richard Land, one of the organizers of the “Restoring Hope” whatchado, pronouced on NPR the other day that Mormonism is better considered “one of the four tribes of Abraham” than a Christian faith. Guess she’ll have to count those 14 semis in the “other” column. Idiot indeed, she can’t even keep track of the groups she hates.

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