Local Democrats Hypocritically Attack Heiner

Just a bit ago, the local Democratic Party sent out an email blast calling Hal Heiner a flip-flopper on the Ohio River Bridges Boondoggle.

Here’s the “video” they promoted:

Unfortunately, local Dems seem to be forgetting that their own candidate, Greg Fischer, has flip-flopped quite a bit.

Like here:

Like when he flip-flopped on privatization of Metro Government jobs. And when he flip-flopped on the bridges debacle himself. And when he flip-flopped on card check legislation. And when he said he was Inc Magazine’s entrepreneur of the year but wasn’t. And when he said he invented an ice machine but didn’t. (Note that he stopped promoting those last two post-primary.)

20 thoughts on “Local Democrats Hypocritically Attack Heiner

  1. Hal is responding to changing realities re: OH R Bridges Project – that project is dead (barring Obama’s funding injection breathing new life into the project). Responding to change is not flip-flopping.

    Hal, thanks for responding. Am still waiting on you to prioritize public transit over interstate highways.

    Jackie Green

  2. Dems should work on their candidate’s position on the ORBP rather than trying to reframe the conversation. GF needs to drop the Downtown Bridge.

  3. I’d love to see Jackie Green go ahead and give his support to Hal. Eventhough his chances are not likely, he does bring some interesting ideas and creative thinking to the table that actually should be considered thoughtfully.

    Green could be an asset to the community with his forward thinking.

  4. Oh, those Dems are just cranky because yet another of their primary candidates endorsed Heiner over Greg Abramson.

    How many is that now? Four?

    Only this morning over a hot stack at LaRue’s Pancake House someone asked me, “Why do you think all those DEMOCRATS are endorsing HAL HEINER?”

    I just had to bat my eyelashes and say, “Gosh! Maybe they’re trying to tell us something!”

  5. I need logistical advice. Is their a procedure or precedent for setting up another Democratic party in place of the one that doesn’t have air-conditioning in their headquarters, or do I actually have to stage a coup of the existing one that has been hi-jacked by elitist bullshit artists?

  6. Curtis: Are you sure it doesn’t have air conditioning, or is it sweltering due to all the hot air trapped inside?

  7. The one thing that Fischer has done which is positive is hire some of the dead wood away from the Abramson administration for his campaign, so we the taxpayers are no longer paying for them.

    Soon no one will be paying for them.

  8. Pointing out that Heiner is wrong on the bridge 50% of the time, while Fischer is wrong on the bridge 100% of the time, is hardly a winning strategy.

  9. Another pathetic political ploy by the local Democratic party here. This is the same Democratic local party who censured Metro Council Democrats for once having the “nerve” to vote for a Republican for Council President.

  10. Jake

    I give you a lot of credit, your coverage of the Mayor’s race has been very objective and fair. We certainly won’t get this in our local paper and I appreciate the dialogue you’ve generated. This post was an example which really pinpoints the hypocrisy behind the Fischer regime.

  11. I must agree with Dino. Jake your coverage has allowed us, the visitors of your sites, to get an objective insight into both candidates. If only the local rag’s journalistic integrity could match what we see here.

  12. Its fair game to call out Heiner for his hypocrisy. I’m glad to see the local party standing up.

    And why shouldn’t the Democratic party call out Democrats who vote for a Republican? That’s what the Democratic party should do.

    If people who call themselves Democrats are supporting non-Democrats, they need to join another party.

    Good for the local to show some backbone.

  13. Wouldn’t having a “backbone” require calling Heiner out for something that Fischer isn’t guilty of ten times over?

    Just a thought.

  14. “prouddem” – just glad your local democratic party has started this game because it’s going to get ugly when Fischer’s hypocrisy is exposed. I just watched the entire video of Wednesday’s debate – I don’t care what party you are in, Heiner flat out destroyed Fischer in that forum. I mean it wasn’t close.

  15. ProudDem, in November, we are holding what is called a “general election”.

    In a general election, one can vote for whoever they like, even somebody in a party other than theirs! Imagine that!

    Q from the Peanut Gallery: “Wow, does that mean we can vote who think is the vastly more qualified candidate, no matter who they are affiliated with?”

    Why yes, fair questioner, that you can! And for your comfort, your vote is secret, so you can pretend to your party masters that you toed their line. Sweet, eh?

  16. P.S. The “good Democrat” bit only applies if you’re a Party official. Only Party officials are required to back Democrats.

    And let’s get real: That “D” after someone’s name doesn’t make them a Democrat.

  17. It’s gonna kinda suck if Hal Heiner gets elected and all we can say is, ‘Well, at least it isn’t Greg Fischer”. Our two realistic options suck.

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