7 thoughts on “Listening To Post-Mayoral Debate Analysis?

  1. there definately was a distinction on JCPS’s assignment plan. for me the kind of leaders heiner and fischer would be is clear. fischer for sure has a team approach and maybe to his decifit. he would call on others for advice and to tell him what to do. versus heiner having the council experience knows exactly what he wants to do in many areas and is ready to start working. fischer’s inability to show passion or any kind of star power is a turn-off and whether folks like it charisma is a leadership quality that’s important. green’s position at this point is to hopefully push the majority candidates’ stances on issues particularly in public transit….i think the race will be close

  2. Heiner comes accross as much more charasmatic and confident that he really knows what he’s talking about. He’s a much better speaker and presents himself in a more comfortable posture, and i also think that is a necessary Quality!

  3. C. Herron says all that needs to be said. Never met Fisher in person, don’t need to, he is nothing but a card board cut-out pol want a be. If Fisher is elected, I’m moving to Nashville.

  4. I was struck by how conservative — and frankly backward — Jackie Green is. He brought up “panhandlers” as a major problem downtown: “We have too many panhandlers on our streets and I would take measures to reduce that number. That is a behavior that we should not tolerate.” I have worked downtown for nearly 30 years and have never found “panhandlers” to be a major problem. And there are serious First Amendment issues here. It is illegal for a government to ban panhandlers who don’t threaten public safety. Jackie is not a progressive!

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