Like Clockwork, Allen Endorsed Heiner

Here’s the scene from today:

Here’s the release:

LOUISVILLE, KY – Citing Hal’s ability to lead Louisville from day one and provide a fresh start for Metro Government, former Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen today endorsed Hal Heiner for Mayor.

“This election is about the serious business of building Louisville’s future and I believe Hal Heiner is the only candidate with the passion and experience to lead this city from day one,” stated Mr. Allen. “While we may not agree on everything, I firmly believe Hal is a leader we can trust to move this city forward and fulfill the promises of merger. His openness to innovative ideas and willingness to bring new people into the process will make Louisville an even better place to live in the years to come.”

Hal enthusiastically welcomed Tyler into the campaign:

“Tyler represents the next generation of leadership in Louisville and I’m honored to have his endorsement. His energy and commitment to Louisville was unmatched in the Democratic primary and I look forward to working closely with him as we move forward in the final weeks of this campaign.”

Mr. Allen is the second Democratic mayoral candidate to endorse the Heiner for Mayor Campaign, joining former Democratic mayoral candidate Giant Orange Sign Lady.

I think this is a big move for progressives in Louisville. And it could sway a good deal of South Enders toward Heiner, as many in that part of town seem to be jumping off the Fischer ship.

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  1. Very good news. It is becoming clearer every day that serious change is needed in metro government and that GF will not bring the transformational leadership needed to accomplish this. This is not about the party; it is about the future of our community.

  2. Well-stated, blowin’.

    This election is clearly about experience and competence, and Hal Heiner is the obvious leader on these counts, it would seem. In fact, Heiner is so much more qualified, and so much more open-minded and inclusive, ideology really just doesn’t seem to matter to me any more, with respect to this race.

    Disclaimer: Don’t take this as my official endorsement.

  3. Interesting that the two most self-involved Democratic primary candidates have found a way to keep their names in the news. This is just Allen’s way of getting his name (and 8664) in the newspaper, which has always been his first (and possibly only) priority.

    Also, how do Tyler Allen and Giant Orange Sign Lady help Hal in the Southwest? They won exactly zero precincts there combined, and one total, in the primary.

    Let the circle jerk continue.

  4. Orange Sign Lady probably hurts Heiner.

    But Tyler has developed a support base in the South End over the past several months (post-primary). Lots of older Democrats have grown fond of him in areas like Shively.

  5. If I recall, Allen fared pretty well in the Butchertown and downtown area. Fisher also did well in this area. Heiner should be able to pick up a few thousand Allen supports from one of the areas where Heiner was weak.

  6. i don’t know about Allen’s post-primary following in the South, but he only garnered 10% of the vote in I believe 6 precincts in MCDs 13, 14, 22, 23, 24 and 25 (the South/SW) so I don’t think his endorsement is exactly going to throw the South/SW to Heiner all of the sudden. Not to mention the only precinct he won was 15-14 in L143 in MCD 6…

  7. To quote from above:

    And it could sway a good deal of South Enders toward Heiner, as many in that part of town seem to be jumping off the Fischer ship.

    Didn’t say it’d throw the entire South End to Hal Heiner.

  8. I also sense that this is the checkmate of the campaign – progressive opinion leaders/businesses in the chic urban ‘hoods start putting Heiner stickers on their car, which influences impressionable suburban Obamaish voters as well. If the Louisville progressive community is divided, that will do away with the normal stigma of voting for a Republican for a lot of folks.

  9. Why is there so much talk about Allen not winning precincts? This is about total vote count not about individual precincts. Adding one or two votes per precincts can change the outcome of an election. It is as simple as that.

  10. Interesting development. Glad to see Heiner making the right noises on the bridges; would like to hear and see right noises on things like unions, privatization of government, fairness, STAR, and any number of other progressive issues.

    Might be interesting to do an issue-by-issue comparison. Might be even more interesting to pull out Heiner’s voting record. Hmm …

  11. Isn’t this interesting? Maybe Tyler learned we can all trust Hal at the forum in March 2010 when Hal said the Fairness Ordinance was “non-functional” and proudly defended his ‘No” vote by saying “I don’t think we ought to be enacting more regulations”. Or maybe it was when he learned that Hal gave $20,000 to stop gay people from ever having the right to marry, making him one of the top 20 contributors to the 2004 ballot measures in the entire United States. Or maybe it was when Hal wouldn’t raise his hand when asked who believed global warming was real and caused by man. My guess, though, is that it was when Hal stroked Tyler by calling him and saying we need many “Tyler Allens”. One is plenty. It’s all about Tyler — and too hell with the rest of us!

  12. Allen did get a lot of votes in Crescent Hill and Clifton in the primary. Yet from talking to many of my neighbors I think that there is a general perception that Hal Heiner is too conservative on social issues. People like Tyler, but I don’t think Allen’s endorsement will change the distrust of Heiner for most folks around here.

  13. To East Market Resident:

    Hal has NEVER said he is against building a downtown bridge. In fact, he said again this week that we need it.

    ” 1. Do you believe a downtown bridge is necessary? What is your position on tolls?

    HEINER: A downtown bridge is necessary due to the lack of safety lanes on the current bridge and as a means of managing congestion….”

    Folks who are moving his way on that one issue are in for a very unpleasant surprise- on the bridge and, if they are really progresive, on many other things.

  14. @ “just the facts” (Greg employee) -If you would have watched any of the coverage or read any of the other material, Tyler clearly said he didn’t agree with Heiner on EVERYTHING (ie- Fairness), but his decision was made on his ability to lead and his experience in working in government.

    Greg is Jerry version 2.0 and that is becoming more and more visible, Louisville doesn’t need that.

  15. Just the Facts, sorry Charlie, I’m not buying what you’re selling.

    The reality is that Fischer is not progressive himself. That’s what people keep forgetting. Supporting tolls and the ORBP whole-heartedly at the behest of the C-J editorial board is not progressive. Heiner has demonstrated a progressive, open mind on this subject.

    On transparency, which true progressives and good government folks should love, Heiner has been a champion. And he proposes even more transparency.

    Heiner has confirmed he will not backtrack on some progressive touchstone issues, like fairness, and I take him at his word.

    The bottom line is that Heiner is a good man, and it shines through every time he stands before us, no matter what his ideological background is.

  16. Steve, Heiner has allegedly confirmed through some back channels that he wouldn’t touch Fairness, but he’s never done so publicly to my knowledge. Call me a single-issue voter, but when someone votes against my rights, I can’t support them, not even when they’re making behind-the-scenes mea culpas.

  17. Funny that Tyler Allen who claimed to be so environmentally friendly in the primary would endorse Heiner who was the only candidate, Democrat or Republican claimed that Global Warming was not real, at a University of Louisville debate during the primary. Even Thienemann admitted Global Warming was real. Heiner has also voted against the STARS program.
    I am not in love with Fischer, but giggle when I see Tyler Allen endorsing Heiner. It shows who Allen really is.

  18. Heiner didn’t say global warming wasn’t real.

    He didn’t raise his hand when asked if he believed global warming was man made.

    Stupid on Heiner’s part, sure. (Stupid, not ignorant. 100% stupid.)

  19. The question was raised by a questioner at the primary debate at UL when every single democrat and republican were there during the primary. Mark Hebert ran the meeting. Hebert ask everyone who thought Global Warming was not real to hold their hand up. Hal heiner was the only candidate Dem or Rep to raise thier hand.
    The debate took place at UL and Hebert was the MC. It was for UL students.

  20. How many times do I have to say it?

    jake // Sep 10, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Heiner didn’t say global warming wasn’t real.

    He didn’t raise his hand when asked if he believed global warming was man made.

    Stupid on Heiner’s part, sure. (Stupid, not ignorant. 100% stupid.)

  21. To CrescentHillion:

    I believe that we have to take a chance on Heiner. The mayor’s office has gotten high handed and perhaps corrupt. Fischer is out of touch and clearly lacks enthusiasm and knowledge of Louisville. With the council remaining Democrat there is protection on social issues which I do not think will be a problem. If Heiner is to lead the city he cannot waste his time on a social agenda, and he is smart enough to know that.

    Many years ago Abramson let the Fairness Ordinance die on the vine more than once because he would not support it. Only after he had the cover of a wife and son did he support it.

    This election is about leading the city openly and honestly in the proper direction which Fischer has not indicated he will or can do.

    It is OK to vote for Heiner.

  22. Does Fischer line up with me on the bridges? No. But until he pivoted toward the center after the primary, Heiner took an identical position to Fischer and his position is still awfully vague.

    When I say that people think he’s too socially conservative, I think it’s a question of instincts. Maybe he won’t touch Fairness in office, but someone who is anti-gay and anti-choice doesn’t show respect for a lot of people in our community and that is something that bothers me quite a lot.

    That is the reason you will never see people like Tina Ward-Pugh or Tom Owen, who are in lockstep with Allen on the bridges, endorse Hal Heiner.

  23. Steve,
    There are mayoral debates left. If it is such a heavy charge as you claim. Why not ask Heiner if he believes global warming is real or man-made or whatever you wish. Ask him his opinion of global warming.

  24. Then we should also ask Greg Fischer what he thinks about card check legislation (he’s on both sides of the issue), what he thinks about the bridges debacle, what he thinks about an arts tax, etc.

  25. I wonder if Allen will endorse Lally now as well, since Lally seems to share a lot of his views on the ORBP, or maybe 8664 will?

    Personally one issue won’t make me vote for anyone. I think Heiner is a smart guy and may make a great mayor, but Fairness, STARS, global warming, are all important issues that I don’t think I can see past for Heiner.

  26. Jake –

    The Mormon church is more supportive of the rights of gays and lesbians than Hal Heiner is. While they have worked to take away marriage rights (just like Hal), they are on the record supporting gay rights ordinances.

    Does this make him “anti-gay”? That’s a matter of opinion. But it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in his instincts.

  27. The fucked up Mormons are also responsible for California’s Proposition 8, pumping millions of dollars and man hours into that effort.

    I’ve said it time and again – Hal Heiner’s actions on the Fairness front are/were stupid.

  28. This election is about the future growth of Louisville. Fischer is not qualified to lead. All of the other arguments are just noise.

  29. I agree – but don’t you think Hal Heiner would have supported Prop 8? He pumped thousands of dollars into the Kentucky version.

    Fairness isn’t the most important issue for me but I always like to judge local candidates by how I think they would deal with new problems, since their platforms are often similar. His “stupidity” on global warming and Fairness shows instincts I just don’t want to see in the Mayor.

  30. Nope – I’ve asked his folks about it.

    He spent $20,000 for a poll for the stupid hate legislation in Kentucky.

    I agree with your instincts bit. Which is why I don’t support Greg Fischer. His instinct is to lie about awards, inventions, to flip-flop on important tax and labor issues, to hire corrupt staff, to lie to legislative supporters, to say one thing and do another.

  31. @A Gay Democrat: I really don’t think concerns about a candidate’s on the record positions are “just noise.” What makes Hal Heiner more qualified to lead than Greg Fischer? I’m just curious as to what issues you are looking at that are much deeper than the ones I am concerned about?

  32. Jake, just to be clear: Hal Heiner’s staff has confirmed that he supported the same-sex marriages that were performed in California from June to November 2008? Does he think Kentuckians should have those same rights?

  33. Interesting. I’m glad to hear that, but it makes him even more wishy washy than I thought. I agree with some of your concerns about Fischer, but in comparison, this makes Heiner seem more talented at saying one thing and doing another.

  34. Heiner’s lack of Prop 8 support doesn’t mean anything. Because we’re in Kentucky, not California. And because he still contributed $20,000 for an anti-gay poll in 2004.

    Heiner hasn’t said one thing and done another on the gay front. He’s consistently discussed his stupid actions and has consistently said he won’t have any part in fussing with Fairness if he becomes mayor.

  35. I think he couldn’t fuss with Fairness if he wanted to. But even so, his “stupid actions” have caused real harm to people across the commonwealth and, had his position not been rejected by a bipartisan group of thinking councilcritters (is that an oxymoron?), in our city. Fischer’s campaign posturing hasn’t done that and that’s why I’m not as worried about him.

  36. I’m another gay Democrat that’s leaning toward Heiner. Probably the gayest one, in fact. And I have this question for Bruce Maples: When you want to compare Heiner’s voting record, what will you be comparing it to? Greg Fischer’s Nielsen surveys?

  37. James R., you’re the one who thinks this is a big issue for our city — you ask the question.

    To me, global warming is a federal/international issue. And yes, I think it’s real and human-caused.

    A city mayor doesn’t have much to do with this matter, no matter where they stand.

    If you want me to take Heiner down a peg, then he will need to say he’s against the city recycling program — that will hit much more closely to home for me.

  38. And I’m sorry, but I’m just going to say it…

    Hobnobbing with upper-class gays at fundraisers, including one at The Connection… does NOT make Fischer any special champion of LGBT rights.

    I would ask my fellow LGBTs to look beyond their self-interest. I know many of us already are, but the number of us doing that isn’t high enough.

    The future of the city, its economy and its infrastructure is at stake. Let’s not hand this to a phony with no record on transparency or anything and talks like a corporate robot.

  39. “I would ask my fellow LGBTs to look beyond their self-interest.
    The future of the city, its economy and its infrastructure is at stake.”

    Thanks Steve, you said it much better than I.

  40. Responding to Jake 46- Hal gave the $20,000 to the organization supporting the anti-gay marriage amendment in Kentucky. That made him one of the top 20 contributors to the thirteen 2004 campaigns in the entire nation. Here it is: How the proponents of the amendment used it was their business. And what difference does it make how they used it? (It’s like Pitino’s defense that his money was used for insurance.) In my view, being one of the top 20 contributors to all of the anti-gay marriage amendment in the entire US makes you anti-gay.

  41. Heiner’s folks have been able to produce documentation that the ask was to pay for polling.

    As I’ve said repeatedly – stupid on Heiner’s part. You can spin it however you like.

    I just know who has lied the most and who has made the most shit up in this race. And it’s Greg Fischer. So Fairness can bitch and moan all it wants. If Fairness really backed Greg, then he would have received a fat endorsement in the primary instead of everyone at Fairness trashing him all over town.

  42. If you care about the long term economic health of the city of Louisville it is impossible to overstate the importance of stopping or altering the terribly designed downtown ORBP. Once Louisville tolls itself to build some of the world’s ugliest infrastructure on its image defining gateway the city will be effectively unmarketable and will begin a slow 100 year downward spiral. Attracting and retaining talented workers (most of whom are very open minded on social issues) will be increasingly difficult as Louisville comes to be defined by the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century: tolling itself to become the first and possibly on city to expand an elevated waterfront expressway. As the economy is choked by the shortage of human capitol (the brain drain) Louisville’s reputation on other progressive fronts will suffer. The likelihood of improvements in gay rights, the arts, social programs, public transportation, and the restaurant scenee will be greatly diminished.

    Neither candidate is saying the right thing on the bridges issue at this point but Heiner has shown a streak of sanity by stating that the project can be split into 2 phases with the east end portion financed seperately. Once this project is split and the east end bridge is built without tolls the likelihood of the current incarnation of the downtown boondogle being constructed will decrease greatly. As recent as a couple of weeks ago a friend had a discussion with Fischer in which he stated (incorrectly) that it is impossible to split the project and Louisville can either have 2 bridges or none. Fischer’s connections with Abramson and his donor base make it less likely that he will be open to streamlining the project. Maybe I’m wrong about this and Fischer is not just blowing smoke by talking about a plan B. I welcome Fischer supporters to prove me wrong by contacting their candidate and asking him to change his position or at least clarify what exactly a plan B would look like. Regardless of who wins the mayors race we will continue to pressure the decision makers in Louisville because we want to live in a city with a functioning economy, not the Detroit of the south.

  43. Interesting discussion. First, Tyler Allen does not have coattails–especially in the southend. The value of his endorsement is twofold. One, it shows that Fischer has failed to unite democrats/progressives and two, it seals Allen’s fate as a perrenial fringe candidate. Allen effectively said my pet issue is bigger than the party. He blew enough of his own cash in the primary to earn his bitterness.

    I’ve always been a yellow dog democrat. In fact, the only two democrats who I remember voting against in Louisville were Jim “Pops” Malone and Jerry Bronger. Greg Fischer will be the third.

  44. responding to jake 59 – Really, who is spinning it? If you or anyone else wants to support Hal Heiner for any reason it is your business and your right . But to imply that it makes any difference that the $20,000″ask” to Hal from the anti-gay marriage amendment group was for “polling” is just silly. If that group needed $20,000 for polling, as all political groups do, and got it from Hal, it just means that the next $20,000 it raised could be used for the vile and homophobic anti-gay marriage ads it ran. You know that. And Hal knew that . So let’s get serious. And honest. Hal Heiner was one of the 20 leading contributors IN THE ENTIRE NATION to the anti-gay marriage amendment campaigns in 2004. You call that stupid. A lot of us think it’s worse than that.

  45. Stadtguy: As you know (probably) Jerry Bronger is supporting (BIG) George’s son in this race. Bronger and George were compadres back in the early Brown administration and claim to be Flaget grads. Bronger’s support for George’s son has been IGNORED (but known) by the CJ. We all know why it’s been ignored.

  46. They’re afraid Jerry’s convict status would hurt Abramson II.

    Or maybe the CJ is afraid Jerry’s (not his fault, since we all have them in our families) family members in the drug trade would harm Greg.

  47. Tyler Allen’s actions pretty much ends the dream of 64 tear down. I voted for him and now regret the support and money I gave him. Now, he is asking me to go with Hal “Tea Bagger” Heiner? No way! No more support for Tyler Allen. I agree that Heiner has smartly been to the left on OBRP. In terms of Tyler’s campaign, he seemed to have one good idea but nothing else. His stump speech was about as bad as Fischer’s I have three goals: jobs, jobs, jobs and at what cost to the environment? For example, Old Louisivlle’s efforts to turn one-way streets into two-ways on was not supportied by Tyler in a community forum. 10% in a Democratic primary is terrible, its about as bad as say UK beating UofL 100 to 10. His showing assured the power elite / growth machine that BLVD of Dreams has only a small little support. Tyler’s campaign was terrible in terms of vision. Jackie Green at least has a “green vision” but unfortunately his packaging as a radical tree hugger with a bad clothes and smell hurts him. If Heiner wins, Tyler will forever be known as the Ralph Nader of Louisville. By the way, have you noticed the CJ has started running pictures of Fischer which don’t make him look lie a lost little boy or the old saying: like a deer lost in the headlights. Bottom line, why doesn’t Fischer run as a progressive Demorat and caputure the base?

  48. Wow. Hal really did contribute $20,000 to the anti-gay amendment campaign:

    from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance:
    LOUISVILLE, KY, 402430000
    Employer : CAP STONE REALTY
    Occupation : REALTOR INDIVIDUAL Contribution
    $20,000.00 on 08/19/2004
    GENERAL – 11/02/2004

    Isn’t giving $20,000 to that committee being “anti-gay”? People sure thought so when they found out that Renee True gave just $100 to the same committee:

    Jake Payne – April 22, 2010 – Page One:
    “Renee’s such a gay-hater she not only supported the anti-gay marriage amendment, she contributed financially to Kent Ostrander’s mess.
    If she feels that strongly about an issue – that she financially supported writing discrimination into the constitution – what on earth makes anybody think she’s not going to discriminate or do something equally ignorant as an elected official?”….4/24 “how can you possibly say that contributing to a large amount of money to KENT OSTRANDER and the FAMILY FOUNDATION is not a sign of being homophobic?”

    Don’t understand this “poll” thing in some of the comments. The registry reports Heiner’s contribution went to Ostrander’s anti-gay campaign committee, just like Renee’s. I thought I remembered Ostrander’s committee running radio ads supporting the anti-gay amendment. It didn’t just do polls, did it?

  49. You can continue to spin all you want and can continue to pretend that I’m defending Heiner. It’s clear that I’m not. What are you trying to prove to yourself with information we’ve discussed at length? Because this doesn’t change anything.

    What I know – and what folks have proved to me – is that Heiner contributed $20,000 for polling. And there was, as many have discussed, $20,000 worth of polling done right after his contribution. And he was and is stupid for making that contribution.

    And, let’s be clear, anonymous, I don’t ever comment as “Jake Payne” and never refer to myself as such. There are few who do. But I do, indeed, have the balls to use my name when commenting here on my own website.

    P.S. The only person who continually foams at the mouth about this is Chris Poynter. No one else seems to care – most certainly not Fairness, as many within leadership tell me they like Hal Heiner.

  50. I just don’t understand – what is different about Hal Heiner’s contribution and Renee True’s contribution, to the same committee (except their sizes, of course)? And why shouldn’t we all think Heiner’s contribution makes him anti-gay, homophobic and a risk in office, just like Page One thought Renee True’s did?

  51. Quit playing stupid.

    I can say it again and again: Heiner says he contributed the funds for polling, which happened. That doesn’t excuse his contribution. But that’s what the funds were for.

    Renee True’s an idiot who would do anything to work against the gays. And she’s not running for mayor of the state’s largest city. She’s changed her name and is now a registered Republican in Lexington.

    Anyone – including you, Chris/Will/Whoever – can speak with Hal Heiner and quickly discern that he’s not a homophobe.

  52. What’s Worse: The reason Fischer can’t run as a Progressive Democrat is because he’s really a conservative Democrat at best (but probably a DINO), and most people know it. And his continued conservative position on the ORBP will only increasingly estrange him from the progressive left.

    A key reason more and more progressives are supporting Heiner is because he’s outflanking Fischer on the left, while Fischer is stuck because his masters from River Fields and the C-J editorial board won’t allow him any flexibility.

  53. Well Mr. Magruder we often don’t agree on things but you have said it well and better than me. It makes me feel so ill it gives me a acid sour stomach of yuk, yuk, yuk. So explain this to me: Why would somone like Gill Holland embrace Fischer over other candidates who were more progressive. That puzzles me. In terms of jobs, who is getting the jobs. The Arena crew had a sizeable number of folks coming in from Indiana to put together the project. I suspect that a good number of jobs will go to folks outside of the Metro area. One wonders why he doesn’t think in terms of how driving will fall once gas hits $5 a gallon in a few years as experts who own the oil wells proclaim or how the East End Bridge will reduce downtown demand. Why not jobs that rebuild the infrastructure including houses bike lanes in Louisville

  54. opps pushed submit to quickly before edits!
    Well Mr. Magruder we often don’t agree on things but you have said it well and better than me. It makes me feel so ill it gives me a acid sour stomach of yuk, yuk, yuk. So explain this to me: Why would somone like Gill Holland embrace Fischer over other candidates who were more progressive? That puzzles me. In terms of jobs, who is getting the jobs? The Arena crew had a sizeable number of folks coming in from Indiana to put together the project. I suspect that a good number of jobs will go to folks outside of the Metro area. One wonders why he doesn’t think in terms of how driving will fall once gas hits $5 a gallon in a few years as experts who own the oil wells proclaim or how the East End Bridge will reduce downtown demand for bridges and freeways. Why not jobs that rebuild the infrastructure including houses and bike lanes in Louisville? Now that is much better! Anyone else can chime in if you like.

  55. Don’t care about global warming, it is a cyclical issue – and the manmade element isn’t from the U.S. but from China, etc. As for “fairness” – hire the best people and don’t worry about a person’s sex life. (But also, don’t dye your hair pink and talk in graphic detail about your sex life at work, whether gay or hetero. )

    I care about the best candidate for the city, and for me, having heard both – it’s Heiner by far. He talks in specifics, I can’t figure out what Fischer is talking about half the time. And sorry, owning a business in Indiana doesn’t help matters.

  56. WW: Gill Holland was likely already friends with Fischer, and besides, Holland is a developer, and as one, you almost have to schmooze with those who are most likely to win or come close to winning an election.

  57. Gill’s family is backing Greg Fischer. So how could he not? And he’s a re-developer of properties in need of rescue – not someone making a living at it.

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