Lally Blames Yarmuth For Economic Woes In Ad

Todd Lally has released his first ad of the general election and he’s blaming John Yarmuth for our economic woes:

Did you know? John Yarmuth is also responsible for: the problems with JCPS, your obesity, the problems in the Middle East, the way you feel after listening to talk radio, the gays, Nobama and the Muslins.

A little truth in advertising would go a long way.

25 thoughts on “Lally Blames Yarmuth For Economic Woes In Ad

  1. This is a well-produced ad, given that the candidate has no record whatsoever on local civic matters.

    Also, what does Lally have beyond simple words about what he’s going to do to magically create jobs? Does he have a job creation background? Actually, Yarmuth does.

  2. “GOP in DC: Are You Listening to Lally?”

    Lally: “I’ll fit in nicely with the Republican Party nationally.”

    Reporter: “Why do you say that?”

    Lally: “I speak my mind and act accordingly.”

    Reporter: “On what?”

    Lally: “On nothing. That’s the point.”

  3. If you guys keep spinning you will eventually pass out.
    John gave us healthcare you can’t refuse, a 700 billion dollar stimulus package that didn’t stimulate, and helped good old George with his 700 billion dollar bailout.
    That John, he’s a real winner after you have had a couple of drinks, or if your living off the goverment.

  4. And what exactly is Yarmuth’s claim on creating new jobs? We went from 6% unemployment to 10% unemployment in Jefferson Co since Yarmuth was elected to office. I am not saying Yarmuth is the reason, but he sure has not been the solution.

    This ad was very well done. It will strike a chord with the voters who are looking for change that will actually help them instead of change that turned out to hurt them.

  5. Steve, respectfully I disagree with you on Health Care reform. Health Care reform will only be a benefit to those who did not have health insurance or those 26 year olds that want a free ride on mommy and daddy’s insurance. I am not saying the entire plan is bad. Several things like coverage for pre-existing conditions and extended health care coverage for dependents while in college (I totally disagree with umbrella coverage up to age 26) are sensible benefits. However for a family with combined income of $100,000 (fairly typical of Jefferson Co), both parents working and paying Health care premiums, what is so wonderful on what Yarmuth has done for them?

    It is estimated that Health Care reform will cost $1 TRILLION dollars in the next 10 years. Who is going to pay for this? Even Yarmuth admitted he doesn’t know who is going to pay for it. For small businesses, they will not hire because of the added cost. For larger businesses, they will pass the increased premiums on to their employees. I know of 3 companies locally that have told their employees their health care premiums will be going up 8-14% in 2011. For investors (and even home owners), you will now be facing an additional 3.8% tax increase when you go to sell your investment. This will be on top of the 5% tax increase you will be facing when the Bush tax cuts are rolled back at the end of the year. Obama has said he does not want to address the Bush tax cuts until after the election. Hmmm, wonder why? And what happens if you actually do go to the hospital, you will be facing a new 1-2.5% hospital insurance tax. You see the trend? Tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend.

    Thanks to Yarmuth, I now have to work about 150 hours more per year (on top of the 60 hours a week I now work) to make the same amount in order to afford the Democratic Health Care Plan. Change sure didn’t help me – and it didn’t help most of the people that Yarmuth was elected to represent.

  6. SiteMinder: Unless I’m missing something, and I seriously doubt that I am — the “change that will actually help them” that Lally brings is essentially the policies of 2000-08 that protect the wealthy and put us into recession and unemployment.

  7. SiteMinder- health insurance premiums have gone up annually by higher than 8-14% before reform. Regarding coverage of dependents up to 26, I doubt that it will be a “free ride”. Mommy and daddy at least have the option of covering their children, I’m sure their premium will reflect that coverage. If you ask Yarmuth I don’t think he thinks health care reform is done yet but at least it has started. Again, health care cost was escalating out of control before reform.

    I see you are wondering how we are going to pay for healthcare. Just curious, did you wonder how we were going to pay for the war when we invaded Iraq?

  8. I have no problem with healthcare reform. It has been a long time coming. As the gentleman said, premiums have risen sharply in the last few years; my company’s employer provided insurance went up 25% this year alone. But that being said, America is a free land, home of a free people, who now must possess health insurance to live here or pay a fine. It would seem America is not free anymore.

  9. What exactly is “wealthy”? I sure don’t consider myself wealthy. My wife and I work full time, we have 3 children (the oldest at a Catholic HS), timely pay our bills and mortgage, and earn well under the $200,000 salary cap that Obama seems to target. Obama and Yarmuth have done nothing to protect me and my family. Like Site Minder pointed out, the cost of the Obama Health Care Plan are just now starting to be realized by the middle class. Not only did my company notify us of significant 2011 Health Care premium increases, they eliminated several medical benefits that we had the option of selecting as part of our plan. My company even stated in their corporate Medical Benefit release last month that this was done in part due to the added cost of the “new” Health Care regulations (i.e. Obama and Yarmuth’s gift to the middle class).

    Health care cost (also called Health Care Inflation) have gone up on average 3-4% per year. It has been this way for the past 25 years. We are now entering into uncharted territory where we have double digit Health Care inflation imposed on the middle class. If you thought the recession was bad in 2010, wait until families in the middle and upper class have 10% less disposable income.

  10. F0r the 100th time, this is a moderate Dem district. Yes, it has alot of “progressives” but the independent Dems make the difference. Anyone knows in Kentucky you govern from the center. Yarmuth has never and WILL never do that. Its up the these independent Dems to determine whether to reward Yarmuth and Obama or send a message. Lally is competitive because these independent Dems WANT him to be. Period.

  11. Mark S., show me where Health Care premiums have gone up 8-14% per year. It has not happened. Health Care has averaged a 3% increase per year for the past 20 years.

    As for the Iraq war, I was not for it then, and I am not in favor of it now. And make no mistake; we are still at war in Iraq regardless what the administration is saying. I also am not in favor of the war in Afghanistan, but I do understand the need to fight the Taliban and Islamic extremist.

    So we should have been skimping when it comes to the safety and success of our military?

  12. I’m tired of people saying we shouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq. What did you want to do when we were attacked and over 3,000 innocent men, women, and children were killed right on our soil? This was WORSE than Pearl Harbor that was directed only at the military.
    Bush gave Sadaam way more time than he should have to open up to weapons inspectors. During that time, the whole country could have been moved out, so why were we surprised that no weapons were found? What would liberals have done if they were in charge of the White House?
    How many times would you let us be attacked before making a decision to rout them out?

  13. And instead of spinning crap about John, you should go to where he is speaking and actually hear him discuss how the whole bailout and stimulus went down.

    Also — don’t forget he called out Obama’s finance team publicly.

  14. Really, Sammie? When did Iraq attack the United States and kill 3,000 or so Americans?


    You mouthbreathers (thought you weren’t reading the site anymore?) still pretending that the attack was justified, despite the Bush Administration – notably Karl Rove – saying it wasn’t?

  15. By the way, weapons inspectors were in Iraq, lead by Dr. Hans Blix, (who at first was quite sure Iraq had WMD). They found nothing except nuclear documents, old empty chemical warheads and some rocket boosters during their 700 inspections.

    The inspectors were kicked out by the US and UK.

  16. A snippet from Reuters:
    [Health care premiums will have more than doubled since 2001, from $4,083 to $9,821 in 2011, Hewitt said.]
    …maybe not double digits every year , but not 3-4% either.

    It’s also worth noting, as many pushing political agendas seem want to ignore; that over the last 25 years the availability of services and treatments has exploded, the wave of ‘boomers’ has become older, and society in general has become less fit…all factors in the increases of health care and health insurance costs.
    There is no one boogeyman…there is no one solution.

  17. Sammie, there was absolutely no justification for the war in Iraq. None.

    By the way, are you also one of those who complains about the deficit? Well, your Iraq War is Exhibit A for why we’re now mired in such high deficits.

    All that barbaric killing and maiming, and all we get is perennial huge deficits. Sweet.

  18. Every American should have access to quality, affordable health care. Period. I don’t care very much how much that costs. The only reason to oppose health care access to all is selfishness, and I’m not selfish.

    While the health care reform didn’t go far enough, I am confident it was a strong step in the right direction, and Yarmuth did very good work on getting it through the sausage factory that is Congress.

  19. Site: I’m going to choose to believe E’s report on health care costs, at least he provides a source. I don’t have time to track exact stats, my comment on costs was based on personal experience as a manager of a business. Every year our renewal would come across with a proposed 20% or greater increase. We were able to get the premium increase down to 3-4% only by reducing the benefits we offered. Maybe that’s what you meant but that is not apples to apples comparison.

    I cannot disagree with your comments on the wars but there is no doubt we would not have two unfunded wars to deal with today if not for the wrong decisions of the previous administration. If you recall the country (including myself) was 100% behind the president in the first 5 months after 9/11 when the objective was routing the Taliban and finding Bin-laden. Then came Iraq and the mess we are in today. I have a big concern that people running as Republicans today (i.e. Lally) have not learned any lessons and would make the same mistakes today given the opportunity.

  20. Marc, the “wealthy definition that Obama seems to target” is actually $250k. If you are well under $200k as you say; then why would you worry since you are below the target? When I say Lally (and Republicans in general) protect the wealthy they are not protecting you.

  21. America’s money problem is due to greed….on both sides of the aisle. Greed is not a Republican or Democrat problem. It’s part of the human condition that has gotten out of hand in America. Both parties are responsible for this meltdown. The Democrats, and particularly the Democratic run housing and finance committees with the Congressional Black Caucus, strong-armed financial institutions forcing them to give high risk (understatement) loans. These loans were packaged into securities (because of the greed of Wall Street bankers) that were destined to be passed like hot potatoes until they exploded, resulting in this meltdown. Both sides are at fault here and no amount of icing anyone puts on this pile of manure is going to make it a wedding cake for either party.

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