If JCPS Had $100 Million Dollars Stashed Away

Jack Conway only trails Rand Paul by two points in the latest SurveyUSA poll released late Saturday night. [Page One]

Diane Sawyer came to town on Friday. Louisville will be featured on her Wednesday program. [WHAS11]

We get tons upon tons of terrific concern troll comments. Primarily from Todd Lally and his supporters. Also, did you know? I’m an anonymous commenter, apparently. And an insignificant one at that. [We Get Comments]

Is the Kennedy Bridge structurally deficient? If so, what does that mean? [Broken Sidewalk]

How would Jefferson County Public Schools spend $100 million? Probably on upping executive pay, by giving more money to Sheldon Berman’s various boards and definitely not on improving education. [WAVE3]

An estimated 6,000 people showed up for the Louisville AIDS Walk, raising more than $147,000. [FOX41]

With people like Rand Paul talking about privatization 24/7, will we ever see a time when libraries here are pushed down that path? [NY Times]

What? Criminals and gun traffickers may favor Kentucky? You don’t say. [HuffPo]

10 thoughts on “If JCPS Had $100 Million Dollars Stashed Away

  1. Glad I sink all sorts of money into a nice HD TV and then will have to watch Diane’s piece that was shot from an Iphone. Although, it has to be better than the Skype shit they put on regularly.

  2. Please note that the $100 million to Newark is conditioned upon the governor allowing the mayor to take over the schools. This should be very interesting to watch.

  3. The saddest part of this education story is that Berman oversold himself to the powers that be as a Harvard knight who would bring knowledge and money from his vast connections toward education inovation and reform. But Berman, you have proven to be out of your league bringing nowhere near the accomplishments of your Harvard collegues Geoffrey Canada or Mark Zuckerberg. Even the Stanford grad, Cory Booker, is making you look stupid. So just pack up your “Care for Kids” and your Virtual Schools, and go join your girlfriend in MO.

    Was anyone else shocked that “Care for Kids” was not a prominent reason listed for Portand’s success in the CJ this morning?

  4. Please, Harvard Graduate School of Education barely knows that Berman exists. JCPS has had contacts with leading thinkers in innovation for years. Berman, however, isn’t interested in the history of what has been done well here but in proving that he is king of all he surveys.

  5. I agree with BOTH “citizen” and “blowin.'” Berman is a social engineer. He IS NOT an educator. He is a wart (small one) on Harvard’s butt and I’m quite sure, by now, that no one at Harvard is willing to admit that he was ever in “th Yard.” He stinks — and he should submit his resignation before the week’s out. The GRAND WORLD OF PUBLIC EDUCATION is passing Berman by like Secretariat passed the standing still furlong poles at the Belmont Stakes in ’73. Berman is as far removed from the avant guarde of public education as was General Petain was from the battles of WWI. It’s time for a change AND THAT TIME IS RIGHT NOW. By Berman — don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way out.

  6. “Oh, My, Our Educational Leaders”

    Harvard dean: “Thay guy Berman is giving us a bad rep.”

    UofL dean: “At least he’s not Felner, our big blot and the bane of U. of Rochester.”

    LA (CA) School District official: “And don’t forget Mr. Robert’s pet, Deasy, who is now our deputy superintendent.”

    Harvard dean: “What in the damn world are our ed. admin. programs producing when Shellie looks halfway decent?”

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