Highlights From Today’s CFMA Forum

What? There’s another mayoral forum to talk about?

At today’s CFMA mayoral forum Greg Fischer said two interesting things:

  • He supports Jerry Abramson’s veto of the arena Project Labor Agreement
  • When asked why he was a Democrat, he said he’s a fiscal conservative and could be considered a Republican in many states

Yup. That’s who all of you support. That guy.

7 thoughts on “Highlights From Today’s CFMA Forum

  1. Well no kidding. We live in an absurdly conservative state so people like Congressman Awesome are the exception rather than the rule.

  2. Fischer can’t make up his mind if he’s a liberal or a conservative, a Dem or a Rep, if he supports bridge tolls or not, or whether he wants to be Congressman or Mayor.

    Other than those few details, he stands firm on his principles.

    I mean it! Like, really.

  3. A democrat in Kentucky is gonnna be way to the right of a republican from, say, Massachusetts.

    But, my question is, was that his complete answer? Did he list any of the social justice issues that D’s traditionally stand for?

  4. I just gained some new respect for him. Imagine, a political candidate who doesn’t tow the party line on every issue.

  5. Don’t tell me George’s son isn’t JUST LIKE Happy Pants. He’s taken the same stand on the union issue that Happy took — despite the fact that he couldn’t get enough of the union-democrats in the primary. What he is is a candidate WITHOUT principles. He doesn’t have a belief about anything that might be controversial. Just like Happy. He waits until the parade is formed and is half way down the street before he picks ‘his side’ because he wants to know the temperature and where his friends are in the parade. If this is ‘leadership’ then I’m an Italian war hero.

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