Heiner Getting Big Endorsement Today?

Or maybe a decent one?

I hinted at at earlier this morning, but Hal Heiner’s campaign just sent out a media alert that at 2:00 P.M. they’ll announce “an important endorsement.”

I think it’ll make a bunch of folks nervous, as it’ll be the most progressive yet. There’s no doubt Greg Fischer will pull some stunt at 2:00 to try to soften the blow.

Get to speculating!

9 thoughts on “Heiner Getting Big Endorsement Today?

  1. P.S. After confirming it yesterday (I’ve hinted for two days now), I gave the Heiner Campaign the courtesy of waiting to mention it, so as not to give Greg Fischer super-ample time to pull some stunt.

    Some people who live in rent-free apartments in exchange for positive press don’t practice common sense.

    And, apparently, Shannon White has a big mouth. She’s been telling everyone.

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