Greg Fischer’s New Campaign TV Spot

Greg Fischer’s got a new campaign commercial:

The ad features Steve Bittenbender, a guy who tried to argue with me on Twitter last week (Sept 10 around 8AM) about Fischer’s flip-flopping and disappointing behavior. Neither he nor anyone in the Fischer Camp have been able to address those issues.

But more importantly – just what jobs has Greg Fischer created? Did he really create 1,000 jobs? Or did he buy companies that already employed people? No one’s been able to show me the specific jobs he’s created – ever. And his campaign spokespeople merely respond with one-sentence answers. I’m still waiting.

Oh, WOOPS! Forgot about something. Remember on May 4, 2008 when Greg Fischer told A Kentucky Newspaper that he lied about personally creating jobs?

Here’s what was said by Andy Wolfson:

In his campaign materials, Fischer boasts that he has ‘created thousands of American jobs, including good-paying union jobs,’ though in an interview he acknowledged that it would be more accurate to say his companies have created ‘over 1,000 jobs.’ One of the companies he’s funded, Vogt Ice, is a union shop, while Dant Clayton is not.

So, I guess we have our answer. And you folks can stop complaining about me unnecessarily attacking Fischer.

Head – desk.

6 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s New Campaign TV Spot

  1. Greg used to say that the ORBP would create 50,000 jobs, then “tens of thousands”, but we see the figure the Bridges Authority listed on it’s Tiger II Grant application ( were 3,975 construction, and 1,016 long-term. It was not noted on the Tiger II application how many of those 1,016 were toll-worker jobs.

    My point is, Captain Clueless doesn’t know how many jobs he’s going to create until someone tells him what to say. If the public falls for this and believe he’s some kinda Fantasia-esque Job Wizard, I’m going to cut myself.

  2. Actually, I thought Fischer’s job commercial was extremely poor for one very simple reason: it showed repeated shots of Bittenbender looking very officious. It made me think, “Hey, why isn’t THAT GUY running for office?”

    If he can’t keep his visuals & verbals on cue in a 15-second TV ad, why on God’s green earth should he be mayor?

    Besides, nuttin’ like paying a lot of cash to shoot your own damn self in the foot.

    Save, us, Hal!

  3. With regards to job creation, I think we can say that matter is a wash between Fischer and Heiner. Heiner can tout pretty much the same thing. Even if Fischer didn’t create 1,000 jobs, he like has kept a good number of Louisville area people employed, and that’s a good thing. (See, I can say something nice about Fischer.)

    The problem with this commercial is that Fischer is acting like he’s God’s gift to job creation, like he’s some magical figure here. Further, this masks his total lack of experience with government, and if he’s elected, he simply won’t be ready to lead on Day 1 like Heiner will be.

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