Greg Fischer’s Got A New Campaign Spot

Greg Fischer, in his latest campaign ad, says Louisville needs open and honest government:

If openness and honesty are key, why won’t Fischer reveal the names of his political advisers? Why won’t he release the names of the people in his various advisory groups? One would think all of Fischer’s supporters – folks tying their reputation to his candidacy – would be able to force that sort of transparency.

It’s easy to say one thing and do another when running for office in this town, I guess.

13 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Got A New Campaign Spot

  1. Great questions. I asked them shortly after the primary on this site. You included the question in your list of questions to the remaining candidates and George’s son (apparently) hasn’t answered. Nor has he (even) been asked this question BY ANYONE ELSE (including the CJ). This ice-skating candidate is trying to ‘skate past’ the voters in this election. I don’t think he’ll succeed in doing it, because you AND OTHERS are beginning to open this guy’s sardine can. Keep it up.

  2. Really? Because I can’t find it. I see his endorsements, positions on a few issues and his media.

    I see no mention of the folks advising him or who makes up his myriad committees.

  3. You and me both, I sure can’t find it. Probably afraid to release it because it will look like Jerry (R). For those too old to remember, that means RERUN.

  4. Again, where are the names of his political advisers ? They’re not on his site. Larry Clark isn’t even a part of that list.

    The link you shared isn’t complete.

    So where’s that exhaustive list? Who are the folks who have not been revealed all these months?

    I continue to wait.

  5. I’m confused. You accuse Fischer of not releasing the names of the people in his advisory groups. Isn’t that link a list of the people advising him on policy?

    And as for political supporters, Larry Clark is listed under the endorsements section of the website.

    Plus, Heiner and Green have even less information on their websites than Fischer does.

  6. No, it’s not a list of his policy advisers. Where’s Larry Clark? He’s more than a supporter. Where are the other electeds and folks I’ve written about on a regular basis who aren’t listed?

    Quit spinning. You’re at Georgetown. Surely you can try harder.

    Lots of folks have been talking about this for months and months.

    Heiner and Green have shit websites. We’ve been over that in the past, too.

  7. CrescentHillian: Not only are we not seeing the names of Larry Clark. But equally missing is Jerry Bronger (convicted in Boptrot), who (along with Clark) was heavily involved in obtaining labor union support in the primary. Further should be listed, Mary Moss Greenebaum, the entire Owsley Brown family from Glenview, the Ambassador to Sweden (who married part of that family), George and George’s son’s sister, who lived for years out west. Then there’s all the Mayor Happy Pants’ hanger’s on such as Poynter, Carle, Butler, Mershon, etc., Then there’s the Providence Rhode Island mayor’s advisor. Jake — this CrescentHill guy is a lost ball in high weeds. Get him a flashlight.

  8. Gotta correct you on one point: I don’t think Ambassador Barzun has too much time to worry about a mayoral campaign beyond being a contributor.

    I’ve seen no evidence of his involvement on an advisement level.

  9. Jake – can you define what you’re looking for? Is it policy advisors? Political (strategy) advisors? What do you consider an advisor? A supporter who has met with the candidate more than once discussing issues? Or someone who is on an official or regularly meeting panel tasked with specific issues?

    You’re asking for an incredibly broad illdefined list, as if you’re just wanting to see someones name that you think he is hiding. But there’s no way to judge if you’re complaint is valid unless readers know what you think qualifies someone as an advisor and if you’re talking about policy or political strategy.

  10. Ryan: See above.

    Names like these.

    The rest of the names of his advisory groups.

    The names of the folks calling the shots – like Larry and Poynter.

    His strategists are already public info – on his campaign finance reports, which the campaign has gone out of its way to be difficult about.

  11. Silly Jake.
    When one belongs to an elitist, exclusive, invitation-only, network a certain privilege of anonymity is expected.
    Greg can’t disclose the complete list of his most special constituents because he promised them he’d protect their identity secret.
    What would make you think his secret allegiance to his secret sires would make this ad hypocritical?
    Oh. Sorry. Just watched the ad. #Yikes

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