Greg Fischer Keeps On Flip-Flopping

Greg Fischer’s got a you-know-what for flip-flopping. We’ve talked about it on several occasions.

And yesterday, Hal Heiner’s campaign released the following:

  1. Two months ago Greg told a crowd at Bellarmine College he wouldn’t rule out the privatization of Metro jobs, then last week held a press conference railing against privatization.
  2. In 2008 Greg stated in an AFL-CIO questionnaire that he supported card check, but two weeks ago told a group of attorneys at Middleton & Reutlinger that he didn’t support card check.
  3. Greg’s latest flip flop took place today when he contradicted a February statement from the Arts Forum. You can see in the following YouTube footage that Greg clearly supported a new local sales tax just 7 months ago, but today stated he would not.

Furthermore, in a reoccurring theme of co-opting Hal’s policy as his own, Greg today took the opportunity to copy more of Heiner’s policy positions.

  1. Auditing every department of city government. (Heiner Fall 2009 position, whitepaper released)
  2. Creating an urban coalition. (Heiner Spring 2010, whitepaper released)
  3. Cutting the red-tape in metro government to streamline the permitting process. (Heiner Spring 2010, whitepaper released)
  4. Streamlining the Bridges Project. (Heiner July 2010)

It was just too succinct not to share.

2 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Keeps On Flip-Flopping

  1. If Fischer wants to have any chance in this election, he needs to:

    1) Leapfrog Heiner’s position on the Bridges Project, with specifics, and a clear mantra “Build the East End Bridge now, then after that, we’ll re-evaluate the rest”. Note: you must be convincing as you do this — no half-hearted corporate boardroom speech patterns.

    2) Diss the C-J editorial board and start running a campaign that reflects the community will on the bridges. Take a risk, man!

  2. Jake: You’re totally too hard on Fischer, dude!

    You’re expecting a guy who’s never had to actually build anything from the ground up to understand what it takes to do that, a guy who’s never served his community to intuit what voters really want, and a fellow used to having other people do the heaving lifting for him to not sprain himself (or burn too many “mental calories”) when he pops off the training wheels and gives it a go for himself.

    You’re so mean! Really.

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