Dismas Ditches Suites, Luallen Still Investigating

A little bit ago, Dismas Charities announced that it’ll drop its luxury suites at athletic facilities.

Here’s the text of the release:

Dismas Charities, inc. today announced that it is relinquishing its leases for suites at the University of Louisville’s football stadium and basketball arena after a unanimous vote by its Board of Directors.

The vote came after a meeting last week in which University of Louisville Athletic Department officials agreed to terminate the leases and return all funds paid. In addition, Dismas is working to terminate its lease for the caboose at the football stadium, which is not controlled by the University.

“We have heard the concerns of the community about the suites and listened,” said Jim Simon, Chairman of the Dismas Board. “Our board unanimously supported this decision and we’re grateful to the University of Louisville Athletic Department for working with us on this matter.”

“To the community at large, we apologize and ask for understand,” said Ray Weis, Dismas CEO. “We’re sorry that our communities, supporters and employees have been affected by this matter.

“We will be working in the coming months to help the community better understand our role in Louisville and the benefits we provide as a good neighbor, employer and corporate citizen. We look forward to putting this issue behind us.”

Founded in 1964, Dismas operates 26 state and federal re-entry centers in 12 states and serves as a transition point for nearly 7,000 offenders returning to society from prison every year.

Good or bad damage control?

State Auditor Crit Luallen’s office tells me they’ll continue with the review of policies and oversight of the board that allowed those expenditures to be made.

6 thoughts on “Dismas Ditches Suites, Luallen Still Investigating

  1. Can you imagine the conversation that entailed UofL giving back $100K+? It’s like they’re passing around a hot potato…

  2. Now I get it….they were just being a good corporate citizen when they decided to buy these suites. Why didn’t they just say so in the first place. šŸ™‚

  3. One word “Busted”. I’m sure they thought they could get these suites and nobody would find out. It was wrong and they know it. Wonder how much in donations was lost because of it?

  4. I think there would’ve been just as big of a firestorm if Don Corellone Jurich didn’t give Dismas the money back.

  5. There might be some validity to the notion that purchasing a party suite in the new arena could be considered an investment of sorts. The right guests could yield significant donations or support. That said, it sure didn’t look so good when all of this first came to light and Dismas has failed miserable at spinning this in any particular direction. Perhaps this last step will put things back in place.

  6. It would have been better idea, after giving Dismass the money back, if U of L would make a suite available to local charities free of charge to bring in the high rollers. Local charities who seek donations from these people like the Crusade for Children, Dismass, Cabbage Patch and many other smaller charities could benefit greatly from this. For Dismass to give up sole ownership was the right thing to do as was U of Lā€™s returning the money to the charity. With that being said I wonder what Dismass will do with the money now?

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