David & Reeeechie For Governator Next Year

Looooooord, get ready. Everybody is going to lose their shiz over David Williams and Richie Farmer. The mouth breathers who think Farmer is still at the University of Kentucky playing basketball (all the corn syrup and bacon grease they consume makes it impossible to leave the 70s and 80s) and the Democrats who will suddenly pretend to love Steve Beshear. We’d discuss the teabaggers, but they’re all former strippers who hit their head on the pole one too many times or they’re hiding in meemaw’s basement with a Buddha bong.

Long story short, David and Richie will announce their candidacy in about 20 minutes and we will likely never have a moment of non-campaign peace.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon parts of the Williams-Farmer campaign website that they were silly enough not to hide. Let’s take a peek.

From the “Vision” portion of the site, about David:

David Williams is Kentucky’s “man in the arena,” fighting to make our Commonwealth a better place.

David Williams has been a reformer and a tireless fighter for conservative values in Frankfort. In 2011, he will bring his passion for public service to the Governor’s office.

As Senate President, he has worked with other conservatives to stand firm against higher taxes and more debt. In 2010, David helped block more than $1 billion in new debt from being added to the state budget.

Under David’s leadership, Senate Republicans have stopped $1 billion in higher taxes since 2000. Some in Frankfort tried to raise taxes on everything from small businesses to gasoline, but David Williams held them off.


In politics, David has been a leader and tireless advocate for conservative candidates. He served as the McCain/Palin Presidential Campaign State Chairman in 2008, and even traveled to more than 60 events at the end of October making speeches for McCain/Palin, Senator McConnell, Congressman Brett Guthrie and other Republican candidates. For many years David has volunteered his time campaigning for conservative candidates at every level of government, and he looks forward to ensuring conservatives win races in November 2010.

CLICK HERE to read the rest and see a video from the campaign…

9 thoughts on “David & Reeeechie For Governator Next Year

  1. Anybody know how many voters Williams represents in Burkesville? If we didn’t have the 3rd most counties in the country and so many backwards thinking state senators KY might actually make some progress in education and economical development.

  2. Two things:

    1. David Williams sucks.

    2. Richie played basketball in the early 1990’s if my Corn Syrup and Bacon Grease Almanac is accurate.

    3. No one wins in this election.

    Okay, that’s three things.

  3. Steve: Wrong. A Democrat says that the Goobernatorial and his draggin anchor, ‘Pants, will not be able to beat Williams and UK basketball on ‘plowed ground’ and amongst the non-liberal Louisvillians. Believe me or not — there will never, ever be two senators and a lt. governor from Louisville and a governor from Lexington. That, my friend is IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS STATE. Too many goobers for that to happen.

  4. Nope, I’m totally right. Beshear has incumbency, and people in the state disagree with Williams on gaming. Also, Lt. governor candidates have rarely made or broken a gubernatorial campaign. It’s all about the top candidate.

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