Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker, Political Genius

By now, everyone knows that Marilyn Parker was the best choice ever when it comes to congressional candidates. She’s a political genius second to no one.

To prove my belief (and not just because we’re going to get gay married by a muslin, for fun) that Mrs. Parker is the smartest person in the room, let’s take a look at some Facebook treasures:

On evolution:

On the New World Order taking over:

On the gays:

On Barack Obama being a scary Muslin:

See what I mean? This is awesome sauce.

Peep about 11,000 other things, including remarks about John Yarmuth, Todd Lally, deviants, quitting and bipartisanship after the jump…

On the scary deviants:

On Todd Lally:

On Todd Lally and the evils of bipartisanship:

On Marxism:

On being a quitter:

On Russia:

On John Yarmuth:

2 thoughts on “Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker, Political Genius

  1. Wait a minute… on June 4, is she really saying that people shouldn’t graduate high school?

    Is Peggy Bradley Tyson claiming that getting a high school diploma is difficult and only the truly qualified are able to graduate high school?

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