An Abramson Flashback On Kimberly Bunton

Recall this story on September 15 when WHAS11 rehashed Jerry Abramson’s suggestion that the Kimberly Bunton-Metro Housing scandal was just a case of Is dotted and Ts crossed? A mere file error?

If not, here’s the story:

Wonder what Mayor McCheese has to say now that Bunton has been indicted based on evidence? No I dotting and T crossing involved. Evidence.

Abramson tried to blow off the original audit findings and now we all know better.

WHAS11 gets it. Will A Kentucky Newspaper ever get it?

16 thoughts on “An Abramson Flashback On Kimberly Bunton

  1. …. along the same lines as Abramson referring to Meloche as a change agent. Your site, LEO, and one or two others are the only media outlets who have called out Abramson for whitewashing this stuff and you deserve a lot of credit for it. It’s really phenomenal that the local paper has not touched it at all.

  2. The local paper has abandoned any pretense to good journalism. It will be interesting to see how it functions when a new administration takes over metro government.

  3. What Kim did was wrong, but the problem is deeper. When will something be said about Melissa Barry and the nightmare of a housing department she created, oh I forgot she is Jerry’s cousin.

  4. DB is correct – the problem runs much deeper. The Bunton’s, Meloche’s, Butler’s, etc., are only the tip of the iceberg. They are symptomatic of the pathetic manner in which Mayor Jer has gone about surrounding himself with administrators and department heads who are inept, incompetent, and in more instances than we are probably aware unethical, if not criminal in their behavior. This is what occurs when you build your administration on cronyism. The toxic environment created by Jer and his minions have prevented a progressive, effective government from being established and maintained. It is truely sad that this administration has been allowed to go uncovered and unchallenged for the time it has. Has anyone asked the mayoral candidates their plan for creating their management team? and if any of them plan to retain any of the current department heads (other than Chief White)? We cannot have more of the current administration!!

  5. Based on the fact that many of his campaign critters are graduates of Bighead U., I’d say Fischer’s plan is to give all current departments heads who have failed an audit, are under investigation or charged with a crime a commendation and a raise.

    While Heiner’s official stance is that he refuses to discuss any departmental makeovers until ‘apres election’, a very large birdie told me he plans to pull on his steel-toed boots and do his own rendition of the “River City Dance” on some pointy haids.

  6. Can I buy a ticket for that? We’ve had the same crew in office so long, they have a serious belief of entitlement. They simply cannot imagine NOT feeding at the Metro Louisville trough. Some of them – Tina Heavrin, David Morris, Ted Pullen, etc., might actually have to get real jobs finally. White needs to go, Richmond needs to go – Fire Chief seems to be OK. Metrosafe is actually pretty well run, it appears – they have actually managed to finish a project, anyway. That’s more than anyone else seems to be able to do.

  7. Wow, that is some insightful stuff..the cronyism of Jerry Abramson is the boil that needs to be lanced. I was in the meeting with the former ceo of KCA when he stated, “this is pitiful”…and that was concerning the only breeze of fresh air in 1999 when Armstrong kept everyone of Jerry’s hit crew…Morris, Cash, Schreck, Traughber of course, Barry Alberts was stationed as the DDC director. Jerry had everyone in place when Armstrong took over and given DA illness and laziness basically kept MFL entire staff…and that was 11 fucking years ago, MFL then adds the rest of the crew in 2002 after Armstong’s blip on the screen…Mershon, the perv from animal services, finishing off with Buntonwho ends up indicted and Swift, one of our largest employers, completely sideways with its ability to even operate, much less operating in some other location properly as should have been planned a decade ago, instead of being the largest slaughterhouse in the US still left in the city…

    All of it…pitifull

  8. ..that was intentional describing Jerry Abramson…piti full..which this community is surely done with.

    Whoever wins the mayor’s race is going to do just great just by eliminating this rot in our government.

    Order a big dumpster..

  9. Can you imagine what the graff has been in the free $$$ given to Jerry’s business partners who have benifited from all the gift money!…Talk about thinking they are bullett proof? Don’t forget about that Huge Crook Tandy now trying to slide by like he wasn’t on Jerrys payroll, He was a coverup agent for Jerry and Cordish.

    Here’s a councilman dead asleep at the wheel, he’s got murders going on in the middle of major intersections in his district, has no money to provide a safety plan and looks the other way to cover Jerrys ass!

    Pitifull is right, the whole system is “out of order” There’s no incentive to do the “Right” thing and the whole staff is scared of calling anyone out, for fear of retrebution.

  10. The guy running the jail is apparently kicking ass and trying to do the right thing within the perameters of an awful CBA and somewhat corrupted work force.. My neighbor (a CO)tells me he (Bolton) aient much afraid of nothing and has fired numerous staff for lying, beating up inmtes, excessive force, stealing cash to name just a few.Boy evidently gots some big balls!I hope he stays on along with Hamilton and Fredericks.

  11. Bored Metro Corrections employee comments from their BlackBerry… interesting.

    Regular readers of this website know Bolton is part of the problem in Metro Government.

  12. The comments here about Happy Pants reinvigorate the concern that Happy and the present Gubernatorial simply must be defeated OR Happy will drag his entire syncophant outfit to Frankfort. The Guber isn’t sharp enough to prevent it — and so their lack of skill and the deleterious effect of their presents will be magnified by a factor of 4 since Kentucky has 4 times as many people in it as does Metro.

  13. Mothers of River City,
    heed this warning before it’s too late
    Watch for the tell-tale signs of corruption
    The minute your son leaves the house
    does he make a call on his cell phone?
    Is there big dollars in his pocket that he does not know where they came from?
    Is there Mayor for life bumper stickers on his car?
    Is he starting to memorize the Mayor’s media liners?
    Statement like
    We’re reducing the size of government!
    Cordish is a good community partner!
    We want to help all our friends in Louisville!

    Well if so, my friends…

    Ya got trouble

  14. The same big fish have dominated the same small pond for too long. Fischer is the empty suit chosen to wear the cheerleader outfit on behalf of the local plutocrats. The same old folks with names like Glasscock, Alberts, Traughber, Mershon, Runyon, etc. have a LOT at stake in maintaining the status quo. They’ve squandered their opportunities and don’t deserve to continue to pull strings and mismanage the city. I don’t like Heiner’s social views, but I’m holding my nose and voting for him in the hope that he’ll clean house.

  15. Stadtguy: In a democracy, sometimes a ‘house cleaning’ is the most important thing to do. I, too, am concerned about his social views; but I’m getting to the point that this concern takes second place to the disaster that we’d behold IF all these sycophants you list (and a dozen more that are unlisted) are permitted to roam Metro Government for another 4 years.

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