A Truly Mind-Blowing Story In Indiana

You know what you don’t do when you’re charged in an accidental shooting of your child?


“Hope you all are having fun!”

That’s what Latanya M. Taylor said to the media just before she was ushered into Clark Superior Court Thursday afternoon.


Hill appeared to make sarcastic gestures to photographers as he was escorted to the courtroom.

Inside, it was a different story.


As they were being escorted from the courtroom, Hill made one last gesture to the media. He jumped forward and whispered “boo!” just before he was taken into the elevator.


Am I the only person who thinks this is some seriously jacked up shiz?

3 thoughts on “A Truly Mind-Blowing Story In Indiana

  1. Why would they take it serious. Any idiot that leaves a loaded handgun under the nightstand in a shoebox is really bright. Why would he care? She is 41 and he is 23. Nice. Living unmarried and drawing tax payer dollars and now they are wasting more of your money with a public defender. Then they will plead or be given a sentence and we will pay more money to raise their kids. Sorry cycle and you are right on this one Jake. They are jacked up but Big Bubba and Ms Erma will enjoy some new company. Just think about the first sentence. Left a loaded gun in a shoebox under the nightstand. How dumb can you be and you wonder why their kids can’t score proficient on the State exams. Public defenders should be for folks who can’t afford representation and not those who are idiots and don’t deserve representation.

  2. Whenever a young child is raped, beaten, shot, or dangerously neglected, 4 out of 5 times, it’s the “boyfriend.”

    When will these single mothers start looking out for the well being of their children, instead of their sex lives and personal desires?

    These poor children are the innocent victims of their parents’ selfishness and neglect.

  3. Let’s smuggle a couple of packs of smokes into the Clark County Jail for Bubba and see if Hill goes ‘boo’ then.

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