A Deeper Look At Todd Lally’s Jobs Spot

You know in Todd Lally’s television spot where he blamed John Yarmuth for the closure of the factory he (Lally) allegedly worked in as a kid?

It’s the old Ehrler’s, which sold years before Yarmuth was elected to office.

Here’s a look:

I have no reason to believe Lally didn’t work there, but to blame the closing on Yarmuth?

Haha. Right.

It sold in the late 70s to Flav-O-Rich, according to the Secretary of State’s office, and in the early 90s some of the original owners started doing some ice cream business on a smaller scale.

Dishonesty doesn’t suit Todd Lally very well.

8 thoughts on “A Deeper Look At Todd Lally’s Jobs Spot

  1. When I got married in 2001, I moved into a house my husband had owned in Camp Taylor. The Ehrler’s candy factory, which is located on the back side of the neighborhood right by the trestle, was closed THEN. Yarmuth wasn’t elected until 2006, right? Whatever…

  2. So there’s a flourishing business operating out of this building now or is it sitting empty and desolate as the ad portrays? He could have chosen any of the numerous commercial properties sitting unused. He should have gone to one of the office parks where nearly all are empty.

  3. Thats right there’s no recession, no debt, no unemployment, no higher taxes coming, no unpopular healthcare bill, no failed stimulus. We’re living in an economic paradise right. Now that’s honesty.

  4. Living in shitty economy where the mega-rich will be forced to pay a few more pennies a year… yeah… totally the same as just making shit up, as Todd Lally did.

  5. I just got notified that my healthcare deductible is going to be changed because of the new legislation. It is going from zero to $1500 per year. Since I’m not anywhere near “rich”, how do you figure that Yarmuth is working for me? I’m so mad right now, I would vote for Ronald McDonald if he was running.

  6. You’re gonna need to provide specifics regarding your particular health insurance plan before getting away with such a statement.

    Open enrollment? Plans different? We’ll need details.

    Your deductible is not part of your premium. Is your deductible for services? Does it include Rxs?

    (I haven’t seen ANYONE with a zero dollar deductible in a decade, fyi)

  7. It is not the building, it is the message. Could just as easily shown the countless empty stores in all the malls, closed restaurants on Bardstown Rd in the Highlands (which rarely had a closed restaurant), Cafe Kilimanjaro, the countless closed auto dealerships, empty bank branches due to merger, OxChem factory which closed and let go 100 employees, Smith’s Furniture which closed all stores after over 25 years in business, foreclosed houses from Shawnee Park to EP Tom Sawyer Park and beyond.

    Local minority business man Charlie Johnson closed his once profitable trucking company and let go almost 200 employees. Even Tattoo Charlie (Jr) has been hit by the recession and has closed the store where they first started their business.

    Businesses come and go. However there has not been a new business ready to step in and fill the empty spaces. Many of these brick and mortar buildings have been empty for over 2 years. Lally can take his pick on what buildings to show in his next commercial.

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