15 thoughts on “Heiner Campaigns Against Waste & Cordish

  1. I like the way Hal’s spot takes direct aim!…and he has the chones to say whats in the spot!

    When you watch Fischers spots you never can get a handle on what he is specificaly addressing?

  2. I would have preferred that he avoid Rebecca Jackson. Her claim to fame is that she beat Jim “PoP Malone for County Judge. Not a stellar achievement. After accomplishing that, I’m not aware of a single thing she accomplished including bringing any new corporate headquarters to town. She’s nice (but incompetent). Heiner doesn’t need her to win this race.

  3. And Heiner has the knowledge, as a civil engineer who had to build on a budget, to know what things actually should cost. I’ve heard them both speak and HH is head and shoulders above GF, he answers questions, with specifics, and when he doesn’t know something, he doesn’t pretend.

  4. The question must also be asked: How much will Fischer embrace Abramson’s pending endorsement of him? It doesn’t help him very much right now. Many of the moderate Dems are not happy with how Metro has been run the last 4-5 years. Fischer appearing on ad with a Mayor who has let the Animal Services crap and major impropriety (see Kim Bunton, Meloche) occur under his watch, just doesn’t help Greg very much right now. It could even hurt him a bit with the unions, who can’t stand Abramson.

  5. You’re kidding, right?

    Greg Fischer is wet with glee over the pending Jerry Abramson endorsement. He probably can’t think of something more awesome.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us are gagging at the thought of anyone enjoying Jerry’s endorsement.

  6. I’ve been a registered Dem my entire life, and it is embarasing the way our local goverment has been guided since the Metro was merged. I surely will not be voting to support any more of the Dems scamming adgendas, This City needs someone like Hal who will articulately assume the resopnsibility to treat the taxpayers with a degree of consideration & respect. This community can’t afford any more “slight of hand tricks, coverups, & smoke and mirror” politicans at the helm!

  7. If George’s son stands next to Happy Pants and receives HIS endorsement, THEN I’m through with him. He can’t stop the tool from endorsing him, but he doesn’t have to stand next to him (like a lollypop) and accept the licking. A life long Democrat will walk away on that one. PERIOD.

  8. Jake: Other than Poynter and the Chief, who are the other Abramson “…confidents and staffers.” I need information. To be sure, it wouldn’t surprise me, but would like to be brought up to date.

  9. I think we’ll see a huge swing towards Heiner in the stretch run! I think Hal is gaining popularity daily, and anyone with a brain can see he obviously the best canidate , Green should probably withraw and support Hal. Green could actually be an asset somewhere in the equation as he is a forward thinker , and has interesting ideas. His minimal % could help Hal get the job done, and show he has the interest of the community at heart.

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