A Truly Mind-Blowing Story In Indiana

You know what you don’t do when you’re charged in an accidental shooting of your child?


“Hope you all are having fun!”

That’s what Latanya M. Taylor said to the media just before she was ushered into Clark Superior Court Thursday afternoon.


Hill appeared to make sarcastic gestures to photographers as he was escorted to the courtroom.

Inside, it was a different story.


As they were being escorted from the courtroom, Hill made one last gesture to the media. He jumped forward and whispered “boo!” just before he was taken into the elevator.


Am I the only person who thinks this is some seriously jacked up shiz?

More On The Latest SurveyUSA Mayoral Poll

Everyone is just cold foaming at the mouth about the latest mayoral poll from SurveyUSA. The newest data give Greg Fischer a 48% to 42% lead over Hal Heiner – up from 47% to 45% three weeks prior. And A Kentucky Newspaper, along with the Fischer campaign, is spinning this as tremendous momentum for the Democrat.

But here’s reality: if weighting of Democrats and Republicans hadn’t been adjusted by SurveyUSA, Heiner would probably be in the lead 46% to 44%. In the poll three weeks ago, turnout was predicted at 51% Democrats and 40% Republicans. The latest poll predicts turnout will be 57% Democrats and 34% Republicans. Quite a difference that can’t be ignored. Even WHAS11 failed to mention the turnout prediction change (I didn’t realize it at the time, as crosstabs hadn’t yet been released.)

The newspaper’s assertion that a change in partisanship weighting by the pollster is “momentum” is incompetent journalism at best and an intentional misrepresentation at worst.

The real momentum seems to lie with Heiner. He’s gained among Democrats and has taken a ten-point swing among Independents during the past three weeks.

(Heiner’s still gonna lose because he’s becoming increasingly afraid of the press and his campaign staff are dead set on allowing ignorance to prevail.)

Moxley Endorsed Hal Heiner For Mayor

Former Democratic Mayoral Candidate Lisa Moxley, who got fewer votes than the big orange lady, has endorsed Hal Heiner’s candidacy over Greg Fischer.

Moxley made this statement earlier this morning in front of Shawnee High School: “I am supporting Hal Heiner for Mayor because Louisville needs more than a change in personnel in the mayor’s office — we need a change in priorities. Hal has demonstrated courage and real leadership in his willingness to challenge the conventional wisdom on education and invite an honest dialogue with the community about what’s best for our kids now, and for our city moving forward. I believe Hal is prepared to do the hard work of day-to-day governing to help make Louisville more competitive and all our families more prosperous.”

Moxley, while having very little political influence, sends the message that Heiner does, indeed, appeal to progressive voters in Louisville. She’s the former spokeswoman for Barack Obama’s campaign in Kentucky and has roots in Louisville’s West End.

Despite Hal’s ignorance/stupidity on the Fairness front, of course.

UPDATE — Here’s a photo of the presser: