Wouldn’t Be Summer Without A GOP Sex Spree

Louisville’s got some pretty fancy non-profits funded by taxpayer dollars with CEOs earning $600,000. And two have purchased $80,000/$90,000 boxes at the new arena. Obviously a wise expenditure in such turbulent economic times. [H-L]

John Yarmuth stands firmly against the Bush tax cuts and so do his conservative family members. Meanwhile, Jack Conway’s campaign is beside itself that I’d dare criticize their position on the tax cuts for the super-wealthy. [Bruce Maples]

Haha, gosh. David Caldwell got caught jerking off while looking at porn at UofL’s Ekstrom Library. No wonder he dropped off the ballot lawsuits. To think this guy is part of the Frank Simon-Chris Thieneman-Dan Seum network of hot messes. [Endless Summer Of GOP Sexytime]

Ed Martin’s campaign sent out a press release urging Todd Lally to ask for dismissal of the lawsuit. But that’s not happening, since Lally probably begged for it in the first place. [Press Release]

Everyone political went to the ham breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair yesterday. [FOX41]

Did you see Daniel Mongiardo kinda complaining about Jack Conway yesterday? [Page One]

Steve Beshear is trying to poo-poo David Williams’ proposal to end busing in Louisville. Is that good or bad? [84WHAS]

Sheldon Berman says the David Williams-Dan Seum plan to end busing would re-segregate the population. What’s your take? [WAVE3]

I’m still wondering where the mainstream media is on one of the bigger higher education scandals in years. [Page One]

You should read beer genius Roger Baylor’s column about the Ohio River Bridges debacle. [News & Tribune]

Fairdale Bigfoot is for sale to the highest mayoral bidder. But he isn’t allowed to cast a vote. [Consuming Louisville]

Wanna see video of the double hand transplant? It’s on the internets. [Click the Clicky]

7 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Be Summer Without A GOP Sex Spree

  1. The purchase of boxes by non-profits is totally outrageous, as are the salary levels mentioned. These kinds of operations make a mockery of the original intent for the non-profit sector. These two combined should certainly trigger an IRS audit of both.

    As for Sheldon Berman, the sooner the Board of
    Education fires him, the better off will the kids of Louisville be. What he doesn’t know about leading a school district like Louisville could pave all the roads between here and Hudson, MA. Crit Luallen, where are you when the kids of Louisville need you. This man has destroyed Louisville’s reputation as a city that truly cares for its kids.

  2. I agree w/’blowin”s ¶1. His/her ¶2 is 110% correct. Berman is a dictatorial socialist who runs the school board like it was a pet ‘pup.’ Since the board makes $40 a meeting and approves a near BILLION $ budget it’s obvious who’s running the monkey cage. I have googled Berman. When you do you’ll find he founded and was prexy of “Educators for Social Responsibility” from ’82-’89 or so. If you read what “Educators” does and its mission and some of the other crap in the first 100 or so Google sites – you’ll easily see what Berman is made of. His goal is to have classrooms full of all different kinds of people – all ‘having fun’ – and maybe somebody will learn something amidst the confusion. It’s all sheer idiocy.

  3. Regarding the non-profits and their $90K arena boxes, methinks we may see a replay of the Ky. League of Cities and airport board debacles….in Louisville this time.

  4. The schools would re-segregate if everyone went to their “neighborhood school” because Louisville’s neighborhoods are still segregated – that’s why they had to go to busing in the first place. I do think the current system of clusters is too complex, giving the illusion of choice. These are public schools, you’re not entitled to a choice. They should assign a diverse mix of neighborhoods to each school, and work on making all the schools good enough that there are not tiers of most desirable schools. A bus stop and bus ride are opportunities to develop social skills and see your city outside of your own neighborhood.

  5. A bus ride can, indeed, be a great experience. Though, an hour-long ride twice a day is a little extreme.

    I, too, think kids from various neighborhoods should be put together.

    But this city’s racial problems aren’t going to be solved by JCPS. And, apparently, not by Metro Government.

  6. Jake: Now you’re talkin’ some common sense. Social engineering doesn’t work in a democracy. We need to figure out a way to do it whereby everyone has the right to control their own existence and particularly the education their children are receiving.

  7. Highlander – Public education is provided by taxpayers (not just parents) for the good of the whole community, it is not a product that parents buy for their children. Back in the day they taught that in Civics class. But back then they had Civics classes! Parents who want to control the education their kids receive should be very involved in teaching them, assisting the schools in teaching by offering time and ideas, and not just spending their money to buy a house in the “best” neighborhood. Otherwise they can buy education in the private marketplace at parochial or private schools.

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