Will David Williams Save JCPS & Win City Votes?

Like I said in a comment here yesterday, it’s time for a super-major-huge audit of Jefferson County Public Schools. The time is now.  [Sometimes I Leave Comments]

Two interesting A Kentucky Newspaper issues. A headline today: “Woman May Be Mother Of Child” and yesterday’s paper got delivered today for a lot of people. Really great stuff. [Bird Cage Liner]

Greg Fischer reduced his media buy by $10,000 yesterday. Maybe things aren’t as rosy as Greg makes them appear? [Fancy Tips]

Good on Preston Bates for resigning his position with the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party as a Legislative District chair. He saved his Party a lot of headaches that would have come during any formal discussion. [Flashback & More Flashback]

How does health care reform impact Kentucky? How about Indiana? A new fact sheet has been released by the White House. [Click the Clicky]

WFPL’s Laura Ellis wondered what the mayoral cocktails of choice happened to be. So I gave her the answer! Fischer: bud light with ice cubes. Heiner: Diet Mt. Dew and cheap vodka. [Twitter]

The most racist sheriff in America was all up in Southern Indiana. [LEO Weekly]

Tonight Greg Fischer will appear at a fundraiser at the palatial home of the Hockers on Overbrook Road. Good people, but that joint is maybe not a good way to say Greg’s a man of the people.  Just a thought. [Not In The South End]

Rand Paul says he will go to Washington to fight socialized medicine. We can only assume that means he wants to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, the two socialist programs that pay him a large portion of his salary. [Fakebook]

Haha, the guy who challenged Ed Martin’s bona fide status has dropped off the case as a plaintiff. Hahahaha. [Press Release]

Take a look at these photos of the Sunnyhill Pavilion renovation at Iroquois Park. [Broken Sidewalk]

Will the David Williams-Dan Seum pre-filed legislation get anywhere? Will it solve the busing drama in Jefferson County? [FOX 41]

11 thoughts on “Will David Williams Save JCPS & Win City Votes?

  1. “52,800 small businesses in Kentucky may be eligible”

    Unless your payroll averages above $26K. Then you get nothing.

    Is anyone still buying this load of crap from the White House that this is somehow going to help small businesses?

    Here is a prelude of what’s to come folks. White Castle issued a statement yesterday about the anticipated impact of just one provision. Please note that the fine is greater for those companies whose employee contributions are greater than 9.5% of their household income. In other words, it motivates employers not to hire people with low household incomes. That’s great isn’t it.

    I have done work for White Castle in the past and they are a very well run old-school conservative company that would not play theatrics. Think about it, when was the last time you ever heard White Castle make a public statement about anything?

    When the country drastically needed common-sense health care reform that reduced costs and expanded access to those without coverage, we had this nightmare crammed down the throats of businesses. Especially food service and other high manpower, low margin businesses.


  2. Mark H, I wonder when you’re going to attempt a balanced review. Even if what you say is true, 52,800 small businesses being eligible for a tax credit to make it easier to provide health care coverage for employees is nothing to sneeze at, or even sincerely criticize. That’s simply a good thing. What’s your choice, 52,800, or zero before reform was passed?

    As far as de-motivating a company from hiring people with low household incomes, I somehow think you didn’t apply rational thinking here. Who the ‘f’ else are they going to hire? Simple common sense can do wonders.

  3. Thank you Steve! If you and Jake keep on pounding on this issue, perhaps we will get somewhere!

  4. Steve, my issue is that this bill is that it was sold as something it absolutely is not.

    It will certainly increase access to health care for the uninsured, but at what cost to the taxpayers, businesses, and quality of care.

    In exchange for buying their oppositional silence in the run-up to the bill, the Congress bought off the Pharmaceutical industry, the Unions, the State insurance commissioners, and trial lawyers by not doing anything to address their impacts on costs.

    If the bill goes through in the way it was written, Steve, I will grovel at your feet and praise your intellectual superiority over mine if costs are kept the same or lowered, if office waits for providers are the same or lower, it slows down or reduces the State and Federal deficits from health costs, increases employment, and if emergency room usage goes down.

    All of the evidence to date, has been pointing to the opposite outcome for all of those promises. We were sold a bill of goods that just isn’t reality.

    What sucks in that we had an opportunity to actually do something that expanded coverage and lowered costs, but none of the cost-cutting measures were instituted. That is my bid beef with this bill. We only addressed access, and not the costs.

    I totally agree with you that we needed to expand coverage, but if you don’t reduces the true costs, the money is going to have to come from somewhere, and that impacts everyone.

  5. To your point Steve, how many puckered bureaucratic sphincters would their be at the JCPS if they received a little call from Crit?

  6. By auditing the JCPS and exposing what is an obviously juvenile and pedantic spending spree with OPM (other people’s money) Crit Luallen could win a ‘write-in’ vote for Governor. Why? Because she’s already demolished Mayor Happy Pants’ financial management credibility.

  7. When I got my first job bussing tables at Danner’s Restaurant, the minimum wage was $2.10. When it went to $2.35, restaurant owners predicted that it would be the death of the industry.
    If you’re operating a business that employs low-wage workers, you’re already being subsidized by the taxpayers. Your employees are most likely eligible for food stamps, Medicaid, Kchip or whatever.

    When I see someone with a sick child and no insurance decline medical care because he or she is worried about the deficit or the cost to the taxpayers, then I’ll be persuaded. Until then, I’ll continue to beleive it’s just the haves versus the have-nots.

  8. “Not play theatrics” All I can say is Undercover Boss. Give me a Kystal any time. Everything else I concur with Mark H. Politicians as usual…….. see what I write, but know not what I really mean. I need to be elected again.

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