We’ve Got The News Blues, How Bout You?

Remember the other day when we got that passive aggressive demand/request thing from former WHAS11 news director Aaron Ramey?

News Blues noticed it and had their own details to add:

Aaron Ramey, the infamously abrasive former news director at Belo’s WHAS-11-ABC, says the posts are “erroneous and defamatory” and they’re making it hard for him to return to the TV news business.

Ramey was run off the Louisville plantation in Oct. 2007 by incoming WHAS General Manager Mark Pimental. He moved to Clear Channel’s perennial third-place WOAI-4-NBC in San Antonio (Market #37), a job he held for just two years.

He got the axe last October and has been picking up paychecks as a “strategy consultant” at Young Broadcasting’s crappy-little KLFY-10-CBS in Lafayette, LA (Market #123), for the past six months.

We expect to hear from his attorney soon.


1 thought on “We’ve Got The News Blues, How Bout You?

  1. So tell me, how is Ramey any different than the Pimental? Seems like he has done a hatchet job at 6th and Chestnut since 2007? By my count, there’s only 2 or 3 staff members that might remember the days before VCRs, and Markyboy will be shoving them off to the weekend shift if they are lucky enough to keep their jobs. This has been coined to be Schulzed or Martinized.

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