WAVE3 Makes A Super-Pricey Move

From WAVE3:

Jean West is the new Sunrise anchor.

You know she doesn’t come cheap.

Wonder what the folks at WHAS11 think?

I’m personally glad to see her back on the teevee tubes that people actually watch.

Additional thoughts: Is WAVE bringing Jean in to eventually replace Janelle? Like, say, a few months or a year down the road? We love Janelle, but it seems likely.

I mean, why hire someone of such stature if you don’t want to eventually make them the top dog?

P.S. I’m super-glad for Jean because of this.

18 thoughts on “WAVE3 Makes A Super-Pricey Move

  1. Why would WAVE replace Janelle? She is ..by far…the best female anchor at that station. In case you haven’t noticed, these stations are putting a lot of eggs in their morning baskets. So signing a big name to save the number 3 or 4 morning show in the market makes sense.
    I mean, does Jean need to warm up before taking the 6? Pretty sure if that change was going to happen you do it now…out of the ratings period. I think u r making a leap in an attempt to stir things up. Oh well…it worked.

  2. It’s not a rumor, it’s a question, and I asked it to get answers. Primarily because folks at WAVE puckered their butt holes when I asked it of them.

    Janelle was hired by the previous news director, Eldridge. You know how NDs operate (Remember Aaron at HAS?). Sometimes they come in and do things like this.

    I also asked the question publicly because I’m a fan of Janelle and would hate to see her leave.

  3. I’d think Janelle is breathing a sigh of relief. I haven’t watched lately, but she was pulling double duty anchoring in the morning AND early evening. I don’t care who you are … that’s a nasty schedule. It will be great to see Jean back on the air. But will (Doug) Proffitt eventually join her as co-anchor? Now THAT’s something I’d like to see.

  4. My sources tell me that Scott Reynolds and his ridiculous accent might not be long for WAVE. Will the Proffitt rumor prove to be true down the road? HMMMMM.

  5. I hope the new news director realizes that any potential anchor must be religiously vetted and politically screened by the Langford Council of Bishops and the Alabama militia. Let us pray.

  6. Janelle only took over this past December when Jackie Hays retired. If they wanted Jean West to have the top spot, why not bring her in December? Like you said, Janelle is a great anchor/reporter for WAVE so I definitely hope she stays at WAVE for a long time.

  7. It does an old body good to see the local News outlets turning to the mature, seasoned hires & veterans who have shown commitment to the Metro, instead of all young folk, many of whom just want to add to their resumes.
    BTW – I like Scott, but sometimes I think he is a show-off when he adds his personal info or slant to a reporter’s story.

  8. When you’re in the ratings basement like WAVE, you gotta do what you gotta do. Jean’s a veteran and has a loyal following. I’m not surprised to see her back on TV on a regular basis.

  9. WAVE pretty much had no choice. They had to bring someone familiar to Louisville viewers. As far as I’m concerned because WHAS has Rachel Platt, who has been there many years and is one of the best anchors, they’re going to be tough to beat. WAVE is probably hoping they can cut into those viewers from WHAS. Could be way off, but just a thought. Another question, does anyone know why Jamie Martin is now the weekend Meteorologist for WHAS?

  10. What stature are you referring to anyway? She has hardly distinguished herself in any way. You have a rich imagination.

  11. Apparently you’ve never seen the woman in public or spoken to a reporter or watched her work or learned anything about her.

  12. Jean West rocks! She’s intelligent, well-read, well-spoken, professional… everything most reporters and anchors in this day and age are not. She has always been a class act! I have no idea what Chas is talking about.

  13. And she won’t be bullied by the Langford/Reynolds Republican Militia. They do know she’s married to a white Jewish guy, don’t they? (I could be wrong about the Jewish part.)

  14. I love seeing Jean back . She is just beautiful and classy! Her hair is great. I guess some people just get better . Merry Christmas Jean.

    How do you stay so young??

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