The Sypher-Pitino Sexytime Has Ruined Everything

We’re nearing the end of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards and you should drop your nominations in as soon as possible. Only two more categories remain. [Page One]

Maybe some day Hal Heiner will wake the hell up, recant, apologize and make amends for his SERIOUS STUPIDITY. If he doesn’t, he’ll lose the mayoral race to Greg Fischer. The fact that Hal is terrified to admit he was wrong about gay-hate and continues to lie about it is a serious concern for Louisville voters. Even for the ones disgusted by Greg Fischer and those who would never decide a vote on a single issue. [Phillip Bailey]

Karen Sypher has tainted effing EVERYTHING. Even Joe Arnold’s story about the Mongiardo endorsement of Conway. [WHAS11]

Plans are slowly coming together to put books in the hands of Kentucky students that otherwise don’t have access. Lives can be changed by putting books in the hands of kids in rural Kentucky. It’s cheap and easy to do. And I need your help. Give me your suggestions, ideas and opinions about Kentucky authors and Kentucky stories. [YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NEEDED!]

A new federal education initiative could transform West Louisville. [More LEO Weekly]

The National Symphony Orchestra is coming to Kentucky next year. Tons of scheduled activities. [Kennedy Center]

According to their quarterly financials released yesterday, Churchill Downs lost $5 million on HullabaLOU. Which no longer makes you wonder why those folks were so pissy about Forecastle being a great success.  [Press Release]

Yesterday, John Boehner debunked Todd Lally’s alleged polling data against John Yarmuth. “Uphill climb” is not the same thing as “statistical dead heat,” Toddy! [Joe Arnold]

It’s interesting that these two totally ignored the fact that Greg Fischer and his sister helped fight labor re: the arena and Greg got sued over a labor agreement at another stadium. He’s not the strong labor man he’s pretending to be.  There’s so much more to discuss that I can’t yet reveal.  [Voice-Tribune]

Local Republicrats can’t find a candidate to run for the 6th District Metro Councilcritter seat. [WFPL]

Music nerd alert: The Pass discussed details of their new album on LEO’s podcast thing. You should give it a listen. Oh, and download the new single, “Burst.” [LEO Weekly & Burst – Download]

Just in case you need proof that Rand Paul’s Campaign not only knew about the latest lie to be uncovered, but promoted it? Read our story from last night. [Page One]

6 thoughts on “The Sypher-Pitino Sexytime Has Ruined Everything

  1. According to that piece in the V-T, Fischer supports “chard check legislation”. Yes, chard check legislation.

    How dare Fischer support checking chards!


    (By the way, I agree with Fischer if he supports card check, but this is, of course, a federal matter)

  2. Re: Lally’s “dead heat” claim, I would guess that many of his fellow Republicans must be embarrassed by this bombast, and GOPers are not easily embarrassed.

  3. Another careless error in the V-T piece claims that Fischer “opposes repealing the Bush tax cuts” which would lead a reader to understand that Fischer would choose to keep the Bush tax cuts in place. Then the writers indicate they are very Republican and therefore do not agree with Fischer.

    This was surprising for me to hear and now I can rest easy knowing that Republicans are also in favor of letting said tax cuts expire. 🙂

    Regarding the arena labor situation their version misses the mark because they would have you believe that the veto of the PLA was replaced by nothing. As I recall, the veto of the PLA as originally presented was crucial, but it was replaced by an agreement unique to the arena, which included specific performance ctiteria regarding prevailing wages, local workers, contractors, minority and women-owned business, etc. .

  4. Also, the V-T’s editorial pages make the C-J’s look balanced in comparison. They have no concern about showing well-known liberals on their society pages, but when it comes to political opinion, everyone but the right wing is locked out.

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