The Bridges Authority Will Examine 8664

Just read the release from 8664 co-founder JC Stites:

At last Thursday’s Bridges Authority meeting, the Authority Secretary Sandra Frazier of Tandem Public Relations announced that the Bridges Authority would be discussing the 8664 alternative and a bridge project in St. Louis that was scaled down to avoid tolls at their next meeting. Clearly there are new reasons for reconsidering the $4.1 Billion Ohio River Bridges Project.

With last week’s poll showing only 15% of Louisvillians support building two bridges, coupled with the overwhelmingly negative reaction to tolling Spaghetti Junction, it’s clearly time to look for better options,” said JC Stites, 8664 Co-Founder. According to Insight Communications’ recent poll, while only 14.5% supports building both bridges, a combined total of 64.6% support building the East End Bridge.

Building the East End Bridge has been the primary focus of 8664 for the past five years because it is the first vital phase of a three phase project that would reconnect downtown Louisville to the Ohio River.

8664 is making arrangements of Mr. Walter Kulash P.E., the engineer that conducted the 8664 Feasibility Study in 2007 to attend the next Bridges Authority meeting. Mr. Kulash described the 8664 alternative as “a simple, common-sense plan that meets the purpose of the Bridges project, at a fraction of the Bridges cost, while delivering vastly more civic quality of life benefits.”

Correcting False Statements

“In addition to reviewing the engineering side of our alternative, we want to correct the misinformation being promoted by the Build the Bridges Coalition,” said Mr. Stites. The Build the Bridges Coalition is a political and business coalition promoting the Ohio River Bridges Project regardless of its cost or impact. Mr. Stites continued, “Their messaging is a clear attempt to mislead the public and they need to stop.”

Below are the statements Stites says are false:

  • “Spaghetti Junction is the 11th worst bottlenecks in the country” — Spaghetti Junction isn’t even in the Top 100 Worst Bottlenecks. The 11th worst bottleneck in the country is in Los Angeles and averages 15 MPH while congested, compared to congested Spaghetti Junction which averages 37 MPH.
  • “The ORBP will create 54,000 jobs” — The project would actually create less than one tenth of that amount
  • “45 acres will be added to Waterfront Park when Spaghetti Junction is moved south” — Only 15 acres will be accessible to the public, the other parcel will be restricted due to the CSX railroad
  • “Spaghetti Junction is a very dangerous and deadly interchange” — Statistics show that Spaghetti Junction has a very low fatality rate
  • “Adding more lanes to the I-65 Bridge will address downtown’s traffic problem.” — Adding 50,000 more cars and trucks between Hospital Curve and the Cochran Tunnel will create more traffic congestion, not less.
  • “8664 is using outdated and inaccurate renderings of the ORBP” — There are no accurate renderings. An ORBP project manager has acknowledged that their current rendering does not accurately reflect the scale of the project.

A taste of things to come? I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot more interesting in the months to come.

13 thoughts on “The Bridges Authority Will Examine 8664

  1. Things always get more ‘interesting’ when people start talking about ‘money’ and start requiring others to ‘tell the truth.’ Amazing what the ‘truth’ does to an argument.

  2. Wish they COULD build the east end bridge. But with the Drumanard Estate causing the need for the tunnel and the KYTC having no earthly idea how to dig a tunnel or to even estimate how much it’s going to cost to dig an exploratory tunnel… wasn’t that the last word on that a while back???

    They’re going to put the shovel in the ground downtown just to get the thing going past the point of no return… just an opinion. But what do I know? You know?

  3. On the 45 acres thing, one could also remind everyone what’s being lost to “produce” those 45 “new” acres — the loss of swaths of historic Butchertown. I don’t like that trade.

  4. Thank you Steve!

    I was in St Louis when they broke ground on their revamped project. While I was riding in a van and discussing the ORBP scope and cost to the Mississippi Bridge project manager, he burst into laughter. His words- “Simply impossible, they will never fund a project like that.” Its time we go back to the drawing board! 8664!!

  5. Be sure Hal Heiner is there so he can keep up to date. Fischer and his staff are too brain dead to even understand.

  6. Trade offs for those 15 non-riverfront acres east of downtown include pushing a 23 lane mostly elevated spaghetti junction against a reviving Butchertown, a massive 80 ft quadruple stacked LA style Kennedy interchange that will define our city’s image, a 75 ft wider and 15ft taller expressway canopy over the great lawn, and Louisville being locked into having a hideously ugly and loud elevated waterfront expressway on it’s image defining gateway and historical heart until at least the year 212o.

    The Bi-state Bridges Authority has bought the Drumanard with the intention of selling it to a private home owner. There is a real possibility of them scrapping the tunnel, knocking out 50 trees on the edge of the 52 acre estate and facing the wrath of a Riverfields lawsuit. Meanwhile the old money Louisville leadership will argue for the construction of the job killing downtown ORBP.

  7. At the next meeting look for the Bi-state authority to pursue the strategy of pretending like all other options were studied and the full ORBP is the only way Louisville will not be locked in complete gridlock for the next 50 years. They will probably make it appear as Louisville’s only options are the exact solution proposed by 8664 and the full ORBP. They will do this because they know that relocating a highway is something that is exceptionally difficult to sell to the public. They will gloss over 8664 and cite the flawed analysis by KYDOT ad nauseum.

  8. Stunoland , whomever owns the Drumanard, it’s on the National Historic Register and can’t be touched. No way, no how.

    With all the squawks about this horrible downtown project, there is a huge point being missed about the horrifying mess KYTC has gotten itself into simply trying to design the approach to the east end bridge. They are lightyears away from figuring out. Nevermind the man behind the curtain! They’ll get started downtown just to get the fed funds committed while they sort that mess out, I’m just saying!

  9. They can touch the outside edge of the 52 acre estate. They have built expressways closer to far more historically significant properties in the past.

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