Some Happy Birthday Golden Poo Winners

DUN DUN DUN. Happy Friday the 13th. What a perfect day to hand out some awards and celebrate an anniversary/birthday/immaculate conception. Three years ago, in hell, this mess was borne of heathenous thoughts and bags of sucked things.

I can’t believe this is our third anniversary on the internets. Who knew that Page One, a name I sometimes still don’t like (Kentucky Chronicle is way better), would be even a nominal success? Certainly not me. But hells yes, I am elated to be here celebrating our third year of gaying everything up. Very happy to be Kentucky’s #1 political scandal sheet for fancy ladies and they menz.

Thank you all for continuing to trust us as Important Life Advice Coaches, for continuing to mash the refresh button every five seconds and for constantly leaving comments about how badly you hate us, amen.

On to the fun stuff!

The Inaugural Golden Poo Awards were pretty fun. Known WATB Keith Hall even got all huffy and returned his glorious trophy. This year’s poo throwing is sure to be just as much fun. So put on your waders.

Category 1: Person Responsible For Legislation (or Legislation-Related Mess) Requiring the Most Lubricant

While there are a lot of folks who deserve this award, I think we’ve gotta stick with the individual causing the most potential harm. This year’s winner is JEFF GREER. Greer wouldn’t so much as allow the payday loan sharking bill a hearing in the Banking & Insurance Committee. Which is pretty remarkable, considering the sheer number of people payday loan sharks have screwed in Kentucky. Greer cut a deal with the industry, as did Papaw Beshear, and sat on his hands. His reasoning? He wanted to wait on some data analysis from 2009.

While we’re at it, there’s another important question that needs to be answered: Why is Greer trying to get his divorce records sealed? Is it because they contain mention of prostitutes and strippers in the state capitol? Someone should find out.

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