Ruh Ro: Mandy Connell On The Tweetvestigation

Last week, 84WHAS mid-day host Mandy Connell, had something rather interesting to say and outrage ensued.

Last night, LEO Weekly’s Phillip Bailey went on a Twitter Inspectigation that we thought was potentially very interesting.

This morning, however, Connell responded on her radio program. Give the segment a listen:


For those of you who can’t listen at work, here’s a rough transcript:

Mandy Connell: 84 WHAS! Howdy doo, everybody, it’s me, Mandy, and welcome to another addition of the really big show. And boy, you know, you can tell it’s a slow news cycle right now, because the stupidity of the stories out there is mind-blowing. Mind-blowing.


I wanna start the show by talking about something that happened last Thursday because that was the starting off point for all of this, the nonsense that’s coming down the pike right now. Uh, last Thursday — last Wednesday, actually — I said, uh, I used a phrase that I just, I still don’t know why those words came out of my mouth. It was inappropriate. On Thursday I apologized. Cause I meant it.

And now that incident is being used as a jumping off point by some by some of the local media, who are doing things so preposterous in an effort to paint me as this bitter, angry racist, that I just can’t let it go without comment.

Now, my tweets have been mined as part of a tweetvestigation by a local blogger for a, for a local magazine. And in his tweetvestigation he went back through all – I think I’ve tweeted 375, 376 tweets in my entire tweet career, which I believe goes back to maybe February of 09, I don’t remember when I started the Twitter thing. I was really, I was an active Twitterer for a long time, I haven’t been tweeting lately, I’ve just been busy. But I am very proud of my tweeting because I do some of my best comedy in 140 characters or less.

Read the rest of the transcript after the jump…

Normally, I would tweet about things I had talked about on my show when I was on the air in Ft. Myers. Now, what’s interesting about this particular tweetvestigtion, is that unlike – remember a couple weeks ago when context was so important? context was the most important thing you could provide – well, at least it was when Shirley Sherrod was the victim of the attacks. Context. Context. Well, no context is necessary now. No context at all. Let me provide a little context for Mr. Bailey Breitbart.

Context in the form of this: There are three specific tweets that he finds especially egregious. One about raccoon gangs. That’s not code for anything, it was about a story in Lakeland, Florida, about a woman being attacked by a gang of raccoons. An actual gang of raccoons. You know, little masks, little human hands, who tear into garbage cans, big fluffy tails that you can make hats out of. Gang of raccoons attacks this woman. And I said on the air on my show that when I saw this story, I just had this vision of this raccoon apologist standing in front of the raccoon media talking about the fact that the raccoon gangs were not at fault here, because the only reason these raccoons joined gangs in the first place was because they had failing schools, the system had failed them and they had no other choice. Please.

The second one that he finds so horrific is one that I linked to a story in the Washington Examiner that was a column about whether or not racism charges had been launched so many times against conservatives that they had lost their punch and they had lost their sting. And as a snarky commentary, a sarcastic comment, I wrote something to the effect of, ‘Can you still wear a white sheet after Labor Day?’ Because, honestly, that really seems like I’m seriously asking that question. I really want to know if it’s okay to wear a white sheet after Labor Day.

And the other one, which I don’t think I can say on the air, because it was a response to something someone else posted that was unintentionally funny. And I was making a point back to that person about the unintentionally funny way he wrote something. And I know it was unintentional, cause the guy who wrote it is just as nice as the day is long. And what he wrote could be interpreted a newsworthy way and a dirty way and of course I interpreted it the dirty way. Just trying to make a point.

But don’t worry about context! It’s, it’s all good. I mean, I am a conservative, so I don’t get context. So we’re moving on now.

12 thoughts on “Ruh Ro: Mandy Connell On The Tweetvestigation

  1. “I still don’t know why those words came out of my mouth. It was inappropriate. On Thursday I apologized. Cause I meant it.”

    Doubtful, because her pleas for context concern a medium that (like her show) is decidedly context adverse.

    If she really has a passion for this ‘context,’ then she’d understand why her Tweets are offensive to anybody with a functioning frontal lobe. Phillip ‘Breitbart’ Bailey knows there are naturally occurring ‘gangs’ of raccoons; he’s a smart guy, so to imply that he doesn’t skirts around the holy context she so cherishes.

    But the comparison of roving gangs of violent mammalian foragers to impoverished kids attending failing (presumably inner city) schools via a Tweet is a context free act — even Ashton Kutcher knows that — and to pooh-pooh about it after somebody’s pointed that out reeks of disingenuous face-saving.

    Then again, Connell “does [her] best comedy in 140 characters or less,” so maybe we should all have a laugh, eh?

  2. In Connell’s defense, I don’t believe she’s a racist at heart. Ultimately, I think she’s just playing a character. Rush Limbaugh proved that you could be a success on AM radio by playing to people’s fear of the “other,” whether that be liberals, immigrants, blacks or whatever. Once it became apparent that someone could be a success on radio with a modest amount of talent, brassy voice and an arsenal of stock phrases, it spawned an endless parade of imitators. Limbaugh has used the term “Halfrican” on several occasions, and denigrating Obama because of his ethnicity is just part of the conservative playbook. When they get called on it, they engage in ad hominem attacks or just blame it on a slow news day.
    I have a hard time thinking that Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Connell et al actually believe their own rhetoric. I think it’s more like the salesman who’s pushing the extended warranty; he knows it’s a load of crap but he makes a lot of money selling it.

  3. Is she as annoying to listen to as the transcript leads me to believe? Three of the first four paragraphs are a rambling mess.

  4. Richard, I don’t know you but why in the hell are you defending this mess? Its just ignorance. And you and Connell can wear a white sheet after Labor Day through West Louisville and just see if its OK.

  5. C.Herron, I wouldn’t exactly classify my post as a defense of what Connell did, and I think your KKK implication is just offensive. You’re right, you don’t know me, so I’m not sure where you get off making such a statement. If you go back and read my post again, you’ll see that what I was saying was that Connell does what she does simply because it pays well. I hardly think that’s something to be praised.

  6. Once again, I am less than impressed by anything this woman has had to say regarding her decision to use the term “half breed.” Of course, she essentially says she wasn’t able to filter her comment before it tumbled out of her mouth.

    I disagree with the previous post that Connell isn’t a “racist” at heart. There’s plenty of things that have spilled out of my mouth when my filter wasn’t completely working but none of them were of any surprise to me. We all know who we are at our core and that comment came from precisely of what Connell is made.

    Of course the comment was derogatory, of course it was intentional. Just as her comment about wearing the sheet. When someone is inherently racist but doing their best to mask it, they ALWAYS end up proclaiming, “I’m NOT a RACIST.” My response to this has always and continues to be, “People who have to defend themselves against being racists are typically racists.”

  7. “I really want to know if it’s okay to wear a white sheet after Labor Day.”

    That was just plain pathetic.

  8. “Louisville, Louieville, Loisville. Whatever it’s called I’m tired of being corrected”. Said by Mandy the other day. Whatever this place is called thanks for listening to a Half Ass Laura Ingram. Would have been better.

  9. Richard, I stand behind what I said. I understood what you were/are saying and no matter why they do what they do its offensive. No you didn’t praise them, but you never said whether you thought the comments were offensive and chose to spend your time defending her and other conservative commentators because it’s their livelihood to spew such nonsense.

    And my comments are offensive to who? KKK members/sympathizers? Its offensive to you because you didn’t dispute what she said and when the question is posed to you if makes you feel uncomfortable because you know its wrong. Just shaking my head…

  10. Barack Obama IS half white. You do know that, right? Can’t you fools find something more important to bicker about than semantics? How about the fact that Obama is about to turn us into a socialist society, and hand us over to the Chinese and muslims?

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