Spotted At The JCPS Tax Hike Meeting

Guess who was at the school board tax hike hearing last night:

Brave Patriot Marilyn Parker, the woman I was set to gay marry! By a Muslin. For fun.

Guess she got Dr. Frank’s urgent email blast. She had a fancy paper in-hand attacking “liberal educators” that indoctrinate our children with anti-God rhetoric.

Oh, wait! There’s audio of Marilyn’s rant:


You get that? The liberals caused the housing collapse. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for her and her gigantic East End home built by illegal immigrants.

The blacks! The ghetto! John Yarmuth! Socialism! Libruls! OH GOD THE LIBRULS! Socialist agenda! Busing! She cared so much about what she was spewing that she left a few minutes after her rant.

It’s a shame that socialism, otherwise known as Medicare and Medicaid, help pay her nursing salary.

What’s sad is that she had a few good points… but it all got lost in the crazy. My favorite part was the end when all the teabaggers went batshiz cheering for her. Wonder if any of Doug Hawkins’ drunken supporters were there in the crowd? Chris Thieneman certainly was, along with his faux-journalist pal who lives rent-free in one of his apartments in exchange for positive press.

The woman is a real piece of work.

Last Night’s Board Of Education Meeting Got Crazy

Coming up at 10:00 A.M. this morning, check back to hear audio of a Brave Patriot at last evening’s school board meeting completely going insane. It’s beautiful and crazy. [Come Back at 10:00]

Be careful on Manslick Road this week, kids. The new incinerator at Metro Animal Services is scheduled to be installed on Thursday morning. Since there won’t be parking for several days. Bet everyone is excited out there at MAS – you’ll finally get to watch ash scatter to the ground as the souls of poor, furry critters float away. [Various Reports]

To reiterate, New Albany’s council is standing against tolling transportation routes into Louisville. Where are our local officials in this conversation? Just sitting on their hands? [News & Tribune]

Jefferson County Board of Education voted to raise your taxes again last night. That’s an additional $31 per year on a home valued at $100,000, I think. [WHAS11]

Maybe you should watch this story about a fire investigation that’s turned into a homicide investigation. [WAVE3]

There may have been people at the JCPS meeting not bothering to follow proper procedure. They got the boot. But at least there wasn’t awesome infighting like at this NAFC school board meeting. [FOX 41]

Is there anyone on the University of Louisville Board of Trustees like this BOT member at the University of Kentucky? [Page One]

I hope you’ll ask Tom Burch why he’s shilling for the nursing home machine the next time you see him on the street. He’ll run quickly away from you, like he always does, but you should still ask. He may be a good guy, but this is some horse shiz. [H-L]

Metro Hall’s 6th Street Entrance Will Re-Open

Earlier today, Metro Councilcritter President Tom Owen announced that work to refurbish the Sixth Street entrance of Metro Hall is beginning. The goal, according to a press release, is to make access easier for the public.

“Over the years, budget concerns and security issues closed the main entrance to this wonderful historic building,” said Owen. “As we see sidewalks being rebuilt and major construction and restorations along many of our main city streets, it is time to restore a city government building that has served the public well.”

In a few days, crews will begin work to restore the steps and main area of the entrance. The work will include wood replacement and refurbishment, plaster repair and painting. It is expected that the work will take approximately three to four weeks.

“When the work is completed, we are reviewing plans and will work with the administration to once again make the main entrance available to the public for easy access to the Metro Government’s legislative body,” says Owen. “We are working on plans to again, utilize a central location for the public with appropriate signage for those who have business with the Metro Council.”

Some pictures, courtesy the council:

If you are at all nerds like us, this news makes you feel somewhat excited.

Mayoral Campaign Media Buys Hit This Week

I hear through the grapevine that Hal Heiner’s media buy begin begins this week. His ads will start airing on Wednesday.

And, naturally, since he’s playing follow the leader, Greg Fischer’s first ad of the general election will also air on Wednesday.

Fischer’s ads won’t be anything surprising. Because he advertised his filming schedule on Facebook and Twitter over the past several weeks. So expect to see lots of SHPS, South End neighborhoods and school board stuff in the coming couple months.

UPDATE… Here’s Heiner’s ad, a repeat of his bio piece from the primary:

And here’s Greg Fischer’s spot, featuring a South End neighborhood, police officers (since the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Heiner) and the arena:

Hope he’s not using actual LMPD officers to promote his candidacy.

We’ve Got The News Blues, How Bout You?

Remember the other day when we got that passive aggressive demand/request thing from former WHAS11 news director Aaron Ramey?

News Blues noticed it and had their own details to add:

Aaron Ramey, the infamously abrasive former news director at Belo’s WHAS-11-ABC, says the posts are “erroneous and defamatory” and they’re making it hard for him to return to the TV news business.

Ramey was run off the Louisville plantation in Oct. 2007 by incoming WHAS General Manager Mark Pimental. He moved to Clear Channel’s perennial third-place WOAI-4-NBC in San Antonio (Market #37), a job he held for just two years.

He got the axe last October and has been picking up paychecks as a “strategy consultant” at Young Broadcasting’s crappy-little KLFY-10-CBS in Lafayette, LA (Market #123), for the past six months.

We expect to hear from his attorney soon.


Yarmuth Stands Up For American Taxpayers

What was that about Congressman John Yarmuth being ignorant on matters of, you know, everything?

Here’s a statement from Friday:

(Washington, DC) Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) called on the current and incoming CEOs of General Motors Company (GM) to immediately reconsider opening new facilities in Mexico while that company remains indebted to American taxpayers.

“While the leadership of GM may believe such a decision makes economic sense and helps boost profit margins, it ignores the fact that your company would not exist today were it not for the support of American taxpayers,” wrote Congressman Yarmuth in a letter to GM. “Along with these dollars, GM should also have accepted a responsibility to put America’s economic recovery first, and not that of any other nation.”

Earlier this month, GM announced it would begin production of a new line of vehicles and engines at a plant in Coahuila, Mexico, generating 390 jobs south of the border.

In December of 2008, President George W. Bush announced GM was one of several American automakers that accepted federal aid, ultimately receiving nearly $50 billion in financial assistance.

“The automotive workforce is critical to the manufacturing base of the American economy,” wrote Congressman Yarmuth. “It is both an economic and moral imperative to the American people that these jobs are kept in the United States.”

Good, no?

See the full text of Yarmuth’s letter after the jump…

Read moreYarmuth Stands Up For American Taxpayers

New Albany Gets It Right While Louisville Lags

At least New Albany gets the importance of passing an anti-tolling resolution. [FatLip]

There’s an interesting new blog on the internets called JCPS Confidential. [Click the Clicky]

You think the shenanigans with Jefferson County Public Schools are crazy. But you haven’t seen anything until you’ve started digging around the state community college system. Entire worlds of corruption. [Page One]

Five reasons why every single college ranking is a pile of crap. [Consumerist]

Upset with the JCPS student assignment plan? Support it? Not keen on a proposed school tax increase? There’s a Board of Education meeting tonight at 6:45. Van Hoose Building at Newburg Road and Bishops Lane. [Just Saying]

WorldFest is coming up on Labor Day weekend. It’s an appropriate time to pig out like crazy on the waterfront. [FOX 41]

Here’s a pretty deep look at merger. From Evansville, no less. [Courier-Press]

Remember that time a couple years ago when we got our hands on a really fancy photo of former reporter Mark Hebert? The one with giant hair? Then you absolutely do not want to miss this slide show of a bunch of WHAS11 personalities and their school pictures. My faves: Gene Kang and his roller skates, Claudia Coffey all dressed up. [WHAS11]

Here’s a look back at Mark Hebert and his big hair of the… 1930s? 1940s? [Hilarious Flashback]