Wouldn’t Be Summer Without A GOP Sex Spree

Louisville’s got some pretty fancy non-profits funded by taxpayer dollars with CEOs earning $600,000. And two have purchased $80,000/$90,000 boxes at the new arena. Obviously a wise expenditure in such turbulent economic times. [H-L]

John Yarmuth stands firmly against the Bush tax cuts and so do his conservative family members. Meanwhile, Jack Conway’s campaign is beside itself that I’d dare criticize their position on the tax cuts for the super-wealthy. [Bruce Maples]

Haha, gosh. David Caldwell got caught jerking off while looking at porn at UofL’s Ekstrom Library. No wonder he dropped off the ballot lawsuits. To think this guy is part of the Frank Simon-Chris Thieneman-Dan Seum network of hot messes. [Endless Summer Of GOP Sexytime]

Ed Martin’s campaign sent out a press release urging Todd Lally to ask for dismissal of the lawsuit. But that’s not happening, since Lally probably begged for it in the first place. [Press Release]

Everyone political went to the ham breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair yesterday. [FOX41]

Did you see Daniel Mongiardo kinda complaining about Jack Conway yesterday? [Page One]

Steve Beshear is trying to poo-poo David Williams’ proposal to end busing in Louisville. Is that good or bad? [84WHAS]

Sheldon Berman says the David Williams-Dan Seum plan to end busing would re-segregate the population. What’s your take? [WAVE3]

I’m still wondering where the mainstream media is on one of the bigger higher education scandals in years. [Page One]

You should read beer genius Roger Baylor’s column about the Ohio River Bridges debacle. [News & Tribune]

Fairdale Bigfoot is for sale to the highest mayoral bidder. But he isn’t allowed to cast a vote. [Consuming Louisville]

Wanna see video of the double hand transplant? It’s on the internets. [Click the Clicky]

Greg Fischer On Card Check Legislation

UPDATE: Many people have asked, so here, the firm I mentioned is Middleton Reutlinger.

Original story below…

Greg Fischer spoke at a major Louisville law firm this morning and was asked about his position on card check legislation. In the 2008 U.S. Senate primary against Bruce Lunsford, Fischer indicated on an AFL-CIO questionnaire that he supported card check.

So someone at the firm asked Fischer about that.

Greg said, in front of dozens of people, that he “had to do it for the Senate election.” But for the mayoral race things were different and he doesn’t support card check.

Which is it? Why is Fischer taking two different positions? Does this mean he’ll say anything to get elected?

And for those of you single-issue folks telling me I’m a self-hating homo for questioning Fischer: wake up.

Louisville & Providence Are Just Alike, Amen

Remember when Greg Fischer hired a guy who used to be a staffer for the mayor of Providence, Rhode Island?

And then said that Louisville and Providence were hot identical twins just cold chewin’ some spearmint gum or whatever?

Well, I’ve discovered another similarity* between the two cities.

Greg is woah awkward at gatherings where there aren’t people from his social circle. He’ll just stand around talking to his campaign staff or Larry Clark. We all know that. Along the same lines, people get really uncomfortable and feel awkward when he rambles on about how they probably don’t know various Greek words.

It appears there’s an awkward candidate just like him in Providence! This guy, Chris Young, is a perennial mayoral candidate. Check him out:

He loves writing awkward songs, for fun, and singing them on television. It’s okay that this guy makes you feel the same way you do after talking to Greg about leadership principles.

*They aren’t remotely similar.

Will David Williams Save JCPS & Win City Votes?

Like I said in a comment here yesterday, it’s time for a super-major-huge audit of Jefferson County Public Schools. The time is now.  [Sometimes I Leave Comments]

Two interesting A Kentucky Newspaper issues. A headline today: “Woman May Be Mother Of Child” and yesterday’s paper got delivered today for a lot of people. Really great stuff. [Bird Cage Liner]

Greg Fischer reduced his media buy by $10,000 yesterday. Maybe things aren’t as rosy as Greg makes them appear? [Fancy Tips]

Good on Preston Bates for resigning his position with the Louisville-Jefferson County Democratic Party as a Legislative District chair. He saved his Party a lot of headaches that would have come during any formal discussion. [Flashback & More Flashback]

How does health care reform impact Kentucky? How about Indiana? A new fact sheet has been released by the White House. [Click the Clicky]

WFPL’s Laura Ellis wondered what the mayoral cocktails of choice happened to be. So I gave her the answer! Fischer: bud light with ice cubes. Heiner: Diet Mt. Dew and cheap vodka. [Twitter]

The most racist sheriff in America was all up in Southern Indiana. [LEO Weekly]

Tonight Greg Fischer will appear at a fundraiser at the palatial home of the Hockers on Overbrook Road. Good people, but that joint is maybe not a good way to say Greg’s a man of the people.  Just a thought. [Not In The South End]

Rand Paul says he will go to Washington to fight socialized medicine. We can only assume that means he wants to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, the two socialist programs that pay him a large portion of his salary. [Fakebook]

Haha, the guy who challenged Ed Martin’s bona fide status has dropped off the case as a plaintiff. Hahahaha. [Press Release]

Take a look at these photos of the Sunnyhill Pavilion renovation at Iroquois Park. [Broken Sidewalk]

Will the David Williams-Dan Seum pre-filed legislation get anywhere? Will it solve the busing drama in Jefferson County? [FOX 41]