New Albany Gets It Right While Louisville Lags

At least New Albany gets the importance of passing an anti-tolling resolution. [FatLip]

There’s an interesting new blog on the internets called JCPS Confidential. [Click the Clicky]

You think the shenanigans with Jefferson County Public Schools are crazy. But you haven’t seen anything until you’ve started digging around the state community college system. Entire worlds of corruption. [Page One]

Five reasons why every single college ranking is a pile of crap. [Consumerist]

Upset with the JCPS student assignment plan? Support it? Not keen on a proposed school tax increase? There’s a Board of Education meeting tonight at 6:45. Van Hoose Building at Newburg Road and Bishops Lane. [Just Saying]

WorldFest is coming up on Labor Day weekend. It’s an appropriate time to pig out like crazy on the waterfront. [FOX 41]

Here’s a pretty deep look at merger. From Evansville, no less. [Courier-Press]

Remember that time a couple years ago when we got our hands on a really fancy photo of former reporter Mark Hebert? The one with giant hair? Then you absolutely do not want to miss this slide show of a bunch of WHAS11 personalities and their school pictures. My faves: Gene Kang and his roller skates, Claudia Coffey all dressed up. [WHAS11]

Here’s a look back at Mark Hebert and his big hair of the… 1930s? 1940s? [Hilarious Flashback]

7 thoughts on “New Albany Gets It Right While Louisville Lags

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the JCPS board meeting tonight, Jake. And good luck to JCPS Confidential. Getting the information out is very important!

  2. I appreciate your opinion regarding the value of the USNews & World Report’s (and others) assessment of the quality of America’s collegiate education as provided by its universities. I differ with you on this subject. It’s not CRAP (as you have opined), unless (generally) you’re some university like the athletic club at UofL which in the upcoming issue is ranked 179th in the nation and tied with Imacullatta University and a few behind Azusa Pacific. Generally speaking the Northwesterns, UofChicagos, MIT’s, Dukes and others don’t complaint (very much). The BIG COMPLAINERS are the blokes like our Ramsey, who run a piss poor ACADEMIC institution.

  3. Actually, if you bother clicking the links (that’s why they’re there) and/or reading before commenting, you very quickly realize it’s Consumerist – an arm of Consumer Reports – calling the rankings crap.

  4. Hey Jake: Don’t get on my case so quickly. I DID click the Consumerist. Read the whole thing. I assumed that you agreed with it or you wouldn’t have put it in your ’roundup.’ If you wanted to ‘disown’ Consumerist, then it would seem to me that your ‘tag line’ could have more accurately read, “5 reasons why one an arm of Consumer Reports thinks that the every single college academic ranking is full of crap, I don’t agree, but what are your thoughts”

  5. I don’t have to agree with something to link it? But in this case, I do, because ratings are bunk. Each situation for each student is unique.

    Example: I don’t support the Young Republicrats but often link to their shiz.

    Most round-up links, if I can’t make them funny (as has been the case for three years), are summaries or direct lifts of headlines of the stories linked.

  6. The board of education is allowing only 20 minutes for the hearing on increasing taxes. I certainly hope a large number of people force them to extend the time!

  7. Jake: I understand your gamesmanship and I also realize I was correct in the first place!!! You do agree with Consumerist. So why the b.s. Just say you disagree. If I were an Immacullata U. grad I wouldn’t be offended that Uof L was tied with my alma mater at 179th in the nation in the quality of its academic offering.

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