Museum Plaza’s In The Mainstream Again

You folks remember Joshua Prince-Ramus, right?

He’s the mind behind Museum Plaza. Love or hate the idea, you can’t deny that it’s impressive.

Check this bit from Forbes:

I’m working on two things right now. The big one is Museum Plaza. It’s a 62-story skyscraper with a floating contemporary art museum (on 24th and 25th floor) in downtown Louisville, Ky. It’s entirely about sustainability in our concept of it. Our clients, members of the family behind Brown-Forman ( BFA – news – people ), have two passions–contemporary art and a commitment to saving horse farms in the area surrounding Louisville while spurring development downtown.

They have a terrific collection and wanted to pay for a new museum in conjunction with Louisville’s Speed Art Museum but insisted it had to be downtown. The Speed said no. So they decided to do it themselves, and bought a brownfield site in the city. They said they’d invest $50 million for the art museum if they could make it back with a for-profit development, and they would use those proceeds toward funding an ongoing arts endowment.

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6 thoughts on “Museum Plaza’s In The Mainstream Again

  1. as soon as they can have a casino in the plaza, the ball get’s rolling. meanwhile, how long have the dtreets been closed because of an idea?

  2. All for it, can’t wait, a great development idea and a stunning design. Is there enough demand to make it viable? Don’t know — but the new hotels, new arena, new restaurants, certainly make it more viable than it was. Hope it goes, and soon!

  3. This project is built on a shaky enough financial foundation without Louisville making the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century on its doorstep. Museum Plaza has no chance of success if Louisville becomes the only city in the history of the world to expand an elevated waterfront expressway.

    If you build it
    They won’t come
    & We won’t stay

  4. “Architects have created this fake separation between creation and execution.”

    how do you make yourself look like a better architect? invent a fictitious/strawman scenario about how architects work – give lip service to the inane stereotype that architects are aloof artists – and then say that you’re doing something different…

    way to go, jpr.

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