Metro Animal Services Is The Saddest Place Ever

There are new Metro Animal Services nightmares that will hit the presses soon. I’m so tired of their bullshit. Is everyone else so tired of their bullshit that you’re willing to say bullshit instead of bullshiz? [What A Farce]

Joe Gerth said “website” instead of “Web site” in a story last night. He should win many, many awards for that! Seriously. Major. [A Kentucky Newspaper]

Anyone else find it disingenuous for Ken Herndon to be collecting petition signatures so he may appear on the November ballot as a write-in candidate? This comes after he, along with the rest of the candidates seeking the nod, promised to support the nominee selected by the local Democratic Party just a couple weeks ago. [Time To Give It Up]

This morning at 10:00 A.M., Hal Heiner will announce ‘5 Ideas for Louisville’s Future’ at a presser in Commerce Crossings. He’ll focus on issues like transportation and education. [Press Release]

Jury selection in the trial of Tom Schroeder, the guy Robert Felner called “sweetie,” has begun. This is gonna be a doozy. [WHAS11]

Last night the Republicrats selected Candace Jaworski to run for the 6th District Metro Council seat. In other words, the Republicans chose their losing candidate. She works for Larry Bisig and seems to have her ducks in a row. [Hope She Isn’t Too Excited]

It’s interesting to me that no one is pointing out Rand Paul’s hypocrisy. He had no problem attacking Trey Grayson’s college days and using them against him in mailers. But when it comes to pranks, kidnapping and drugs, he suddenly grows a conscience about it? [Page One Flashback]

Also, aren’t baptist ladies supposed to obey their menz? I think that makes the alleged kidnapping okay, maybe. Or maybe they just took way too many bong hits. [Deep Pagan Thoughts]

You should go to this Actors Theatre concert because THE PASS is playing. Also, take a towel. Because it will be hot as balls. [Consuming Louisville]

6 thoughts on “Metro Animal Services Is The Saddest Place Ever

  1. The AP Stylebook just changed the law on Web site to website a few weeks ago (long overdue). I don’t know Joe, but I imagine he or his copy editor was just adapting to the new standard usage.

  2. My point is this: most reporters in Kentucky will say Web site for about 15 more years. Especially at Joe’s paper. I’m surprised half of them aren’t still saying electronic mail instead of email.

  3. You may know the rules, but you apparently don’t know the value of sticking to your word?

    Maybe that’s why the Dems didn’t pick you – because you don’t want to support the individual they have selected.

  4. My question is this…..Why did Ken even participate in the process if he does not respect the democrat partys choice? Also, how can the democrat party let him be a write in if he did not follow the rules in this special election? Jake, dont you think they asked him for his word on purpose? Maybe they knew he would try to pull something like this? Whats your thoughts?? I am thinking the democrats have something up their sleeve for Ken. I heard that each person had 2 interviews that week, one on the phone and then in front of the voting party and each time they asked the nominees if they would back the winner. Why do you think this question was asked so many times?? HMMMM

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