Mayoral Campaign Media Buys Hit This Week

I hear through the grapevine that Hal Heiner’s media buy begin begins this week. His ads will start airing on Wednesday.

And, naturally, since he’s playing follow the leader, Greg Fischer’s first ad of the general election will also air on Wednesday.

Fischer’s ads won’t be anything surprising. Because he advertised his filming schedule on Facebook and Twitter over the past several weeks. So expect to see lots of SHPS, South End neighborhoods and school board stuff in the coming couple months.

UPDATE… Here’s Heiner’s ad, a repeat of his bio piece from the primary:

And here’s Greg Fischer’s spot, featuring a South End neighborhood, police officers (since the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Heiner) and the arena:

Hope he’s not using actual LMPD officers to promote his candidacy.

6 thoughts on “Mayoral Campaign Media Buys Hit This Week

  1. He wants to grow regional job centers like Riverport!!!!

    I’m surprised he did not mention Commerce Crossings…….

  2. Hey George’s son: How are we going to institute ‘…quality after school programs….” in our schools when they’re almost all in a bus going home and don’t get there until between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. (AT BEST). Man, this ad seems to be another Harvey Sloane ‘thingie.’ Everybody’s goin’ to be all happy that they’ll be pissing themselves with glee.

  3. Fischer would do well to do what Heiner is doing: Introducing himself so that voters can pin down where he’s coming from.

    Heiner just comes across a lot more grounded, while Fischer’s ideas seem stilted and stale.

  4. Well, I guess they could ‘partner’ with Tumble Bus. Think ‘synergy’. It’s a whole new paradigm. I’m thinking outside of the box here. We’re going intermodal! Talk about empowerment!

    (please excuse me while I consult Chris Poynter and Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss before completing my post.)

  5. Earl: You’re excused. We will all just patiently await your return after consultation with Chris Poynter. I’m quite sure that following a consultation with such a powerful brain trust your thought processes will be immeasurably valuable – as they have been for George’s son.

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