Local Tea Party Folks Race-Baiting?

Check out the latest email blast from local teabaggers regarding tomorrow evening’s school board meeting:


That’s right. Promoting the race-baiting tripe from known bigot and self-hater, Jerry Stephenson.

Because we all know it’s important for teabaggers not to let radical groups (heh) like the NAACP speak up.

Guess you can look forward to more Marilyn Parker types foaming at the mouth tonight. (I think a mainstreamer somewhere should ask Marilyn for her opinions on the African American community.)

7 thoughts on “Local Tea Party Folks Race-Baiting?

  1. Jake, it’s actually tomorrow night and it will finish up what didn’t get done last Monday. Does not include any discussion of current elementary school busing plan–that will occur on September 13. They will discuss the proposed middle and high school plans for next year.

  2. Seriously Charlie? A letter to Teabaggers scaring people by warning them that a lot of black folks could show up to these meetings so they’d better show up too? I think you’re imagining the Tea Party isn’t chock full of racist asshats.

  3. Not all teabaggers are racist by a long shot.

    But this is Frank Simon’s group we’re talking about… and we know it’s filled with racists… so…

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