LMPD Chief Robert White On 574-LMPD

The Greater Louisville Project has this blog thing, wherein LMPD Chief Robert White has penned a screed.

Here’s an excerpt:

Our city has been the recipient of numerous rankings throughout the years including “Most Livable City in America” by the US Conference of Mayors, “Top 25 Places to Retire” by Money Magazine, and “Top 25 Bicycle Friendly Cities” by Bicycling Magazine. Metro Louisville’s quality of life plays a major role in the assignment of these designations, and safety is often cited as one of the key attributes that sets us apart from other cities.

Ask any veteran law enforcement officer and he or she will tell you that a community’s level of crime is dependent not just upon the police department but also its citizens. Here in Metro Louisville our residents have kept the phones ringing off the hook since the implementation of our anonymous Crime Tip Hot Line, 574-LMPD (5673).

574-LMPD was born shortly after the merger of Jefferson County and the City of Louisville. Mayor Abramson and I officially unveiled the program in October 2004 as a 24 hour crime fighting tool and partnership between the police department and our residents. What began with about 100 calls a month quickly mushroomed into 30,000 annual contacts with callers providing details on drug activity, homicides, burglaries, and thefts among other crimes. In essence, 574-LMPD provides LMPD with 700,000 additional pairs of ears and eyes throughout our community.

At present, the Crime Tip Hot Line is staffed with civilian personnel who work 24 hours a day seven days a week ensuring that callers are able to speak with a live person 99% of the time. Employees receive special training enabling them to ask pertinent questions that lead to tips proving crucial to an investigation. The information is quickly disseminated to officers on the street allowing them to act immediately thereby greatly increasing the chances of arrest.

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I’m not sure what to think (because I can’t get over the fact that he chooses to live in a gated community), but I’d appreciate it if those of you who wish to comment do so constructively.

4 thoughts on “LMPD Chief Robert White On 574-LMPD

  1. The “Chief” is typical of Louisville ‘leaders.’ They ‘drink’ their own ‘Kool-Aid’ and follow their own ‘spin machine’ and thereby reach the conclusion they are doing wonderfully. How Berman can continue to proclaim a ‘wonderful’ and ‘successful’ school system when it ranks 118th our of 154 districts in Kentucky is mind-boggling. UofL toots its horn, constantly, but once a year (when USNews’ rankings appear) we all learn the ‘real facts.’ This is just what goes on around here — and since the public doesn’t have any interest in nor does it demand ‘excellence’ we just sorta ‘go along with the flow.’ It’s a city dead in the water. Sad, because it could be far, far more significant.

  2. I have never figured out why 574-LMPD was needed when Crime Stoppers was and has been and still is in existence. Seemed like a waste of money.

  3. The irony is that crime stoppers guarantees the protection of the name of the information provider. 574LMPD does not. Sad

  4. Because CrimeStoppers isn’t run by LMPD – so they don’t necessarily get the information in a timely manner from CS.

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