Last Night’s Board Of Education Meeting Got Crazy

Coming up at 10:00 A.M. this morning, check back to hear audio of a Brave Patriot at last evening’s school board meeting completely going insane. It’s beautiful and crazy. [Come Back at 10:00]

Be careful on Manslick Road this week, kids. The new incinerator at Metro Animal Services is scheduled to be installed on Thursday morning. Since there won’t be parking for several days. Bet everyone is excited out there at MAS – you’ll finally get to watch ash scatter to the ground as the souls of poor, furry critters float away. [Various Reports]

To reiterate, New Albany’s council is standing against tolling transportation routes into Louisville. Where are our local officials in this conversation? Just sitting on their hands? [News & Tribune]

Jefferson County Board of Education voted to raise your taxes again last night. That’s an additional $31 per year on a home valued at $100,000, I think. [WHAS11]

Maybe you should watch this story about a fire investigation that’s turned into a homicide investigation. [WAVE3]

There may have been people at the JCPS meeting not bothering to follow proper procedure. They got the boot. But at least there wasn’t awesome infighting like at this NAFC school board meeting. [FOX 41]

Is there anyone on the University of Louisville Board of Trustees like this BOT member at the University of Kentucky? [Page One]

I hope you’ll ask Tom Burch why he’s shilling for the nursing home machine the next time you see him on the street. He’ll run quickly away from you, like he always does, but you should still ask. He may be a good guy, but this is some horse shiz. [H-L]

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