12 thoughts on “Just A Quickie School Board Reminder

  1. As of yesterday…Daniel T. Smithson (?) had filed to run against Debbie Wesslund in the District 3 School Board race. No challengers yet for Linda Duncan. I cannot locate any info. re: Smithson (And so far the CJ is silent. Surprise! Wonder who they’ll endorse?!) Can you get your minions on locating some info. on Smithson?

  2. You need to know that Steve Imhoff and Larry Hugo, whose terms are not up, are wholly-owned subsidiaries of JCTA. If the community allows JCTA to pick up more seats it is in big trouble. They are completely supportive of Berman. By the way, if the C-J had READ the evaluation, they would see that it was NOT praising the superintendent. But who reads these days.

  3. Gotta correct you:

    Most of the JCTA folks I speak with do not support Sheldon Berman. And acting like JCTA is the devil isn’t going to solve anything.

    With any labor group, there’s always good and there’s always bad.

  4. I agree with you Jake. Lots of very good people in JCTA. I was referring to the president of JCTA’s reaction to the evaluation and the change of attitude between the evaluation blood-bath on Thursday and the public meeting on Friday, where Brent McKim sat in the front row and the Imhoff and Hugo shifted their attitude to support SB. I will be careful not to cite the whole–JCTA–when I mean the leadership of it.

  5. Jake, as soon as I saw the word “quickie” in your headline, I thought this was going to be a jest at the expense of Coach P.

  6. Nope.

    Usually only happens when flooded with a bunch of comments and traffic.

    Right now, it’s spam causing all the triggers.

  7. Bruce, all four ladies seats: Debbie Westlund, Linda Duncan, Carol Haddad, and Diane Porter–who is appointed replacement for Ann Elmore.

  8. No info on Smithson, but he is either backed by JCTA or a nobody. Brent McKim and Shelley have a secret pact to suppport each other forever, amen, well, at least this week anyway. Wesslund is just a big meanie who wouldn’t write Shelley a glowing review so they don’t like her anymore.

  9. Just an FYI, the 15th District PTA will host a school board candidates forum on Oct. 19, 2010 at Van Hoose. All SB candidates will be invited to attend. The District PTA did this 2 years ago. PTA does not endorse any candidates. For more info go to the website, http://www.15thdistrictpta.org

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