26 thoughts on “John Belski Out At WAVE3, Too

  1. Janelle MacDonald just commented on facebook that John Belski was not forced to retire. She did not say anything about Bob Domine, but ofcourse we already know he was asked to.

  2. “I have a feeling Louisville will miss John.”

    And WAVE will miss the viewers who follow him out the door.

  3. John Belski is the ONLY reason I watch WAVE.
    Without him I have no preference for evening news- and evening is the only time I watch.

    Winter weather will never be the same without John. I hope he isn’t leaving the area and I hope another station is lucky enough to get him.

  4. Come on!

    There’s no way Belski would get forced out. His ratings are way too high for that. Until someone has proof to the contrary, I’ll believe this was totally his decision.

    WAVE’s still got lots of great folks.

  5. Totally agree,

    John Belski is WAVE-TV.

    Their ratings will probably drop like a tank.

    Kevin is OK but John is a legend.

  6. I’m another John Belski fan. His blogging is fantastic.

    And I’m another whose sole reason for watching WAVE3 is John Belski.

    I’m heading into a mourning period.

    As noted by someone above, Kevin is fine, but just nowhere near the same…

  7. John Belski is a gem among our local meteorologists. I’ve relied on his blog for my weather for so long, I don’t know what I will do without it. I still miss Tom Wills and Ken Schultz, as well. Kevin Harned is wonderful, but I’ll still miss the best of the rest!

  8. We will know that John will be missed, but Kevin Harned will be an excellent lead forecaster. I am happy for Kevin and I think it is a position for him that is well deserved!

    Christy Dutton has been an excellent replacement for Tom Wills. She is personable and tells the viewers what is important. We’re glad your here Christy!!!

  9. My best guess is that someone from another station asked John when his contract was up. They saw a chance to make him an offer and Belski took it. He’ll wait out his non-compete and pop up on another local. Why do I think this? He’s a valuable personality/commodity, he’s still got many more good years in him, he has local gravitas that takes years to build…and the best reason? Well, this is exactly what Belski did when he jumped ship from WLKY to go to WAVE. It’s in his blood. He likes that play. Can’t say I blame him. Or..I’m wrong and he’ll go back to the St. Louis area where he has family.

  10. Ky guy i must disagree with you john leaving wave to go to another station.Remember back in 93 he was gonna take a job in florida and changed his mind and stayed i just think he wants to venture out uncharted waters.

  11. Why is everyone so freaked out?

    Maybe John just wants to sit at home watching The View every day. Maybe he’s just ready to stop working.

  12. Cap’n Reed might be the senior weatherman in the area, which is scary to think about.

    Sounds like it’s time for bigger changes at WAVE. Like Langford shown the door. You want better ratings? New blood and ideas are needed.

  13. Patrick wrote “Remember back in 93 he was gonna take a job in florida and changed his mind and stayed”

    Thanks for helping to prove my theory about John’s career strategy. That’s how he rolls. Nothing wrong with it. It’s about the only way you can advance your income in broadcasting. Hey, I don’t know what’s in Belski’s brain about this. I’m just making a guess…for fun. When he pops up again locally I get to say I told you so. 🙂

  14. Here’s the scoop on Belski.
    1) He was disenchanted with Wave ownership or WAVE in general. Let’s face it there have been more changes at WAVE than Doan’s have pills.
    They’ve weathered (LOL get it WEATHERED!!) it well so far but this blow they won’t withstand well.
    The other Belski issue is that he is had enough of TV, being the “Personality” I don’t think you will see him surface at any other LOCAL station and quite likely not an out of town one either.
    My take is that he will go to a Weather Service either Private or Government.
    And last but not least he will resend his resignation and stay at WAVE.
    He has not been the same man either on TV or his demeanor on his blog. He is either pissed at WAVE or has yet to come to terms with his decision. Only Belski knows. As far as the ratings comments, come on we are in Louisville Kentucky the hell hole of the US, I am not a ratings guru but I think the ratings between the big 3 are fairly close, the thing that this does is gives WAVE a hit on ratings for a while depending on who they bring in that could be make back in a matter of a ratings quarter.
    No doubt he will be missed no one comes close to his delivery, knowledge and on air personality. I think this backfires on Kevin Harned, he cannot fill those shoes, hell no one could, but Kevin will take the heat for the sure decline in ratings that are sure to come, if those cannot be redeemed in a reasonable amount of time you can look for a complete and entire cleaning of the WAVE weather department.

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