Jerry Abramson Accidentally Told The Truth

Did you see that quote from Jerry Abramson about the World Equestrian Games?

He told A Kentucky Newspaper that early predictions of the number of folks coming to Louisville during the games may be “inflated.”

Heh. You get that?

INFLATED. And he acknowledges it.

Woopsiedaisy. Looks like the WEG, which no one can afford to attend, aren’t panning out as nicely as the PR machine would like.

3 thoughts on “Jerry Abramson Accidentally Told The Truth

  1. Mayor “Un”-happy Pants required to tell the truth about something (anything). I’m cracking a bottle of Stollie open tonight for a ‘see-through’ in celebration of ‘the truth from Pants.

  2. The streets of Louisville will apparently be flooded with tourists bearing horse shit on their shoes.

    At least that’s what I got out of it. I trust my mayor to not tell me the truth. It’s who he is.

  3. Too bad that they couldn’t replace the multitude of juvenile political TV ads with ads showing the thrill & skill involved in these Equestrian Games & where the competitors will come from.

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