He’ll “Invent” Another Ice Machine For Jobs, Maybe

In case you missed it last night? The Kentucky Democratic Party’s Republican chairman, Daniel Logsdon, was, uh… he was on teevee. Nice to finally have a spokesperson who isn’t awful, though. You have GOT to check the archive out when you get a chance. Interesting that the KDP would promote Hal Heiner’s endorsement by the FOP over Greg Fischer. [Page One]

Today at 10:30, Greg Fischer will hold a presser to unveil his plan to grow jobs and put Louisville back to work. Corner of Outer Loop and Air Commerce Drive. I predict lots of Greek words about building around an airport. [Press Release]

It’s a shame people judge Louisville without actually experiencing Louisville. I think we can all agree on that point. [Consuming Louisville]

Don’t worry, Jerry Abramson will never chime in on pressing issues like those facing Jefferson County Public Schools. Never mind that he’s the current mayor and is running to be Kentucky’s next Lieutenant Governator. [WHAS11]

Jim Host is getting some kind of award for all the work everybody else did. [Business First]

Newsflash: People in the metro area grow marijuana. Everyone is so surprised. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer is still defending the Ohio River Bridges debacle with every word he says. [WFPL]

Could we maybe quit it with all the murder? It’s getting kind of awful. [FOX 41]

A majority of Republicans believe Barack Obama sympathizes with Islamic fundamentalism and wants worldwide Islamic law. [HuffPo]

If you like the smell of pig guts and maybe want to see them on a regular basis, you’re in luck! Cellar Door Chocolates is opening up shop right across the street from the Swift hog slaughtering factory. [Broken Sidewalk]

7 thoughts on “He’ll “Invent” Another Ice Machine For Jobs, Maybe

  1. The Mayor hasn’t been happy with SB for some time. On this point, SB is to blame. He has been arrogant and has not worked with the mayor–whoever he may be–as he should have. If SB is still here it will be very interesting to see how he works with Hal Heiner. Maybe we should do as Boston, Chicago, New York and others have done and put the school system under the mayor, who then appoints the board. Any thoughts out there, critterfolk?

  2. I’m not big on political appointments but I’d be willing to give it a try since the current setup is defective.

  3. Happy Pants will never be able to exit stage left on his rendition that he’s in favor of local leadership on school board issues, BECAUSE he joined with GLI to hire a lawyer to file a U.S. Supreme Court brief to OPPOSE Teddy Gordon’s eventually winning case. Happy is for Berman and all the miscreants out at JCPS — and they’ll tie it around his fat head, hook, line and sinker in next years Goobernatorial race. As they say out in the country, Happy Pants is as dead as ‘Kelsey’s nuts.’

  4. The thing about all this is that do you want the mayor to appoint the school board? You think you have problems now with the current cast of idiots running things. Imagine having a strong and corrupt mayor like Jerry Abramson or even Greg Fischer making decisions about that as well.

    Jerry Abramson has turned this city into a fustercluck with his lack of vision. Its all been about Jerryvision and building more retail crap than this community needs. Who the hell is going to buy this stuff even if the economy improves. That’s the only real accomplishment of Jerry Abramson, more retail, more food establishments, and that’s about it.

    No real capital investment in getting new businesses that can provide jobs. A declining tax base by losing more manufacturing. Blowing millions of dollars on the downtown core at the expense of the rest of the city. Meanwhile the streets are getting rougher from a physical perspective to a crime perspective. Meanwhile, jobs are leaving or not coming here in the first place because the taxation system is broken. Yet we can screw up everything and they wonder why we don’t have the money to fix the current bridges and repair Spaghetti Junction or replace it entirely and build that GD East End Bridge which is what needs to be done first and paid for first.

    Build what you can with what funds you can find and make it work. Check out the current Kennedy Bridge to make sure it gets the proper maintenance and care. Spaghetti Junction is a fustercluck and has been for 40 years. Whoever designed that system should have been horsewhipped. Meanwhile, we have the traffic mess that results from it.

    Building all kinds of new lanes across the park isn’t going to work either. The entire premise of riding on a bridge and then getting off at the end of the bridge is a mess to start with. Maybe if someone had thought back then, they could have either routed it a lot differently. Original highway plans would have had I 65 going around 9th street. That would have worked for me but I wasn’t around then.

    Meanwhile, this area can’t afford the tolls and the government largesse of this project and that’s why were screwed. Not to mention both Indiana and Kentucky having their heads firmly implanted for the last 30 years up who knows where.

  5. Happy Pants is keeping on the good side of Berman. Happy Pants will be looking for employment after he is defeated at the polls and what better place for him to pick up employment than working for Berman. I forgot the exact number (recently studied)but I believe there are over 100 people making over 100k working for the school system. HP is making about 101k now but has lots of perks and peeps. That goofy Student Assignment lady Pat Todd makes 152k. Yes, Old Happy Pants will not burn any bridges where there is a future job for him. If he does not want to work the standard work week I sure Berman will set him up on a hourly personal services contract.

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