6 thoughts on “Helicopter Man Was Doing Teevee Weather

  1. Reed has been around forever and I always see him filling in on weekends. He must be pushing 70 now. I believe he has/had a full time job at the Record. I am alittle surprised to see him for the noon weather. Maybe he is filling in for someone on vacation this week. He is no eye candy but he can get the weather across to the viewers and seems to know what he is talking about. I think he does a nice job.

  2. Reed is awesome. Which is why I was surprised to see him on at noon instead of commenting about State Fair or Black Friday traffic.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Reed became a certified or licensed (trained) meteorologist some years back, in order for that canned “endorsement seal” to be applicable to ALL the weather-delivery folks on WHAS11. I just felt bad for him yesterday because WHAS was reporting a tragic accident while saying that they had “a crew on the way” to the scene. Bet Reed was itching to jump in his copter. (WLKY’s helicopter was already covering it.)

  4. It’s simple. Jamie Martin got “Schulzed”– told he would either do weekend weather or nothing, and they put young Ben Pine on morning patrol. WHAS boss Pimental may learn one day that cheapest isn’t always best. This is the second time in the last month when Ben was AWOL, the first time was for golf. I will not watch Webb due to the way Schulz was treated, and will not watch Pine now due to Martin’s treatment.

  5. If I remember correctly, Yadon is the reason we have to listen to the computerized voice from the NWS when a severe weather warning is issued. About 10 years ago, round 2:30 am on a Saturday morning storms suddenly developed and moved into the area. WHAS was in charge of passing along the warnings to the media, and Yadon was not on duty as he should have been.

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