Hal Heiner’s Campaign Manager Is Right Here


“While spending the summer bashing Hal for serving on the Metro Council, Greg Fischer runs to the arms of two democratic council members who have served the city just like Hal. I guess this proves that Greg believes experience like Hal’s matters when running for mayor.” – Joe Burgan

How can you disagree with that point?

6 thoughts on “Hal Heiner’s Campaign Manager Is Right Here

  1. Jake, in all fairness Fischer’s campaign manager cannot be held responsible because he does not know where Jefferson Square is, who Jim King is or who David Tandy is.

    Plus he had to catch a plane back to Rhode Island for the weekend.

  2. Rico: If I were the kid Fischer, I’d have considered getting on that plane, too. If there was ever a violet that was shrinking, it’s George’s boy.

  3. Burgan nailed it. The Fischer campaign, especially Poynter, has repeatedly bashed Heiner for his role with Metro Council – and now they pull this. Hypocrisy defines Fischer and his campaign

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