Greg Fischer Opened Two New Offices

On Saturday, Greg Fischer opened two new “headquarters” locations. One at 24th & Broadway and one in the South End.

Here are photos of the two joints, courtesy the campaign:



So I sent folks out to both locations today. Guess what? No one at either operation.

The Heiner offices, on the other hand? Full-on machines.

Feel free to call me an evil Democrat-hater in the comments or whatever.

8 thoughts on “Greg Fischer Opened Two New Offices

  1. I think the entitlement attitude of the Fischer campaign is in large measure what is turning off voters. Heiner really wants the job. I’m very liberal, but Heiner has my vote at this point. Last weekend, his children were knocking on doors and happened upon my kids, who engaged them for probably 10 minutes or so (I was in the shower…). My kids were very excited to tell me about the Heiners and my little one begged me to vote for him–that’s hard to resist.

  2. George’s son needs to learn that when you can’t draw a crowd there’s always “Rent-a-Crowd.” It’s in the Yellow Pages under “Rent.”

  3. I totally agree with Linda. I’m as liberal as they come, but will not vote for Greg Fischer. His demeanor is very, very off-putting. Haughty; entitled.
    Hal, on the other hand – yeah. Accessible and friendly.

    And those things aside, Greg will perpetuate the machine. I think Hal might make some needed changes.

  4. note: the Fischer campaign is calling their Valley Station office the South/Southwest office.
    I think that’s funny because it’s like 14 miles from Okolona. They’re cozy Irish Hill office is only 9 miles from Okolona.
    In conclusion, it’s a Southwest office, folks.

  5. I’ve been voting for many decades. Haven’t verified it, but this “may” be the first time I vote Republican for Mayor.

  6. JTT: That’s why he ought to get George to call “Rent-a-Crowd.” Heck if George is in Aspen to get out of the Ohio Valley weather, he could afford a short long distance phone call. “Rent-a-Crowd” – in the R’s in the Yellow Pages.

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