Gilles Meloche Suing County Attorney Staffer

Yesterday I hinted that Gilles Meloche, of Metro Animal Services infamy, had a relationship with a lady in the county attorney’s office. And that he’s suing her, for money, because he is maybe down on his luck after killing thousands of animals, screwing MAS and being an all-around asshat.

Well, whattya know? I’ve got the small claims complaint. Gilles Meloche vs. Michelle Myers Gallagher.


Allow me to translate the chicken scratch of Meloche’s claims:

On October 1, 2008, I loan $2,000.00 to the defenda The defendant and I signed a loan agreement (copy attached) at that time including the specification of the reimbursement. Until August 2009, the defendant made the required payments even if the sum were not exact or in a timely manner. Since then, only one payment on February 26, 2010 was received. The defendant does not want to communicate with me and make no efforts to come with a plan (see copy and emails attached). The [illegible] balance due on the loan is $1190.83 without interest and penalties as stated in the agreement. I am adding only a part of the penalties and [illegible] to make an amount of $1250.00

Gallagher is a legal administrative assistant in the county attorney’s office. She is actively campaigning on behalf of David James, who seems the 6th District Metro Council seat.

We reached out to her for comment but have not received a response. Which is a shame, because I think public perception would be on her side.

6 thoughts on “Gilles Meloche Suing County Attorney Staffer

  1. Guess ‘ol Meloche wasn’t getting enough out of his “close” relationship with the mayor so he nuzzled up to someone in the county attorney’s office. At least he’s idiotic enough to tell on himself though…can’t wait to here how this all plays out. I really hope that $1250 is worth if for him. Moron.

  2. “…the defendant does not want to communicate with me.” No kidding? Maybe she can read and actually watches the news.

    Says a lot about the guy that he has to go around suing his ex-friends to get anyone to speak to him, doesn’t it?

    She’s probably some nice young girl who likes animals and got sucked into his whirlpool of destructive, psychotic behavior before she realized what a bronze-plated jerk he really is.
    Now that she doesn’t want to play any more, he’s no doubt trying to pressure her with this cheap stunt.

    I can hear it now: “Ah, mon ami! If only you will come visit me in my little wagon of love, this lawsuit I will make it disappear!”

    Nice guys send cards and flowers to a girl to apologize; asshats send subpeonas!

    Whadda jerk!

  3. And then there’s the matter of the potentially forged search warrants…who did Meloche know that knew one of the Judge’s signatures was a sideways figure 8? And why did that signature pop up on a warrant that said Judge does not remember signing and for which he has no affadavit or other supporting documentation, making the warrant illegal?

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