2010 KIDS COUNT Data Book Released

Kentucky Youth Advocates has released the 20th annual KIDS COUNT County Data Book.

Here’s what KYA had to say about it in a release:

This year’s book focuses on fifteen indicators of economic well-being and gives a glimpse into the effects of the national recession on children and families in the Commonwealth. A number of indicators measure the usage of work supports (publically funded assistance programs that either boost incomes or offset family expenses), which are vital to helping low-income families weather the economic downturn.

In the opening essay, the book examines the importance of work supports in helping families make ends meet and provide adequate and necessary care for their children. For example, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is responsible for pulling more children out of poverty than any other federal program by supplementing low wages and encouraging asset building. However, many Kentucky families miss out on work supports they are eligible for due to barriers such as lack of information and a confusing and laborious application process. The book recommends improving and expanding outreach efforts, implementing online applications, developing web-based tools, and aligning and simplifying policies to improve access and use of benefits.

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) to view the 2010 Data Book. You should read it all. Particularly the bits about poverty and education.

Local Tea Party Folks Race-Baiting?

Check out the latest email blast from local teabaggers regarding tomorrow evening’s school board meeting:


That’s right. Promoting the race-baiting tripe from known bigot and self-hater, Jerry Stephenson.

Because we all know it’s important for teabaggers not to let radical groups (heh) like the NAACP speak up.

Guess you can look forward to more Marilyn Parker types foaming at the mouth tonight. (I think a mainstreamer somewhere should ask Marilyn for her opinions on the African American community.)

Greg Fischer’s New Jobs “Plan” Released

Greg Fischer says he has a plan to create jobs, right?

So here’s his press release:

Louisville (August 31, 2010) – Saying Louisville needs a mayor who can put the city back to work, Greg Fischer today unveiled a plan for creating jobs that includes reclaiming the city’s historic manufacturing base while focusing on green and clean energy jobs of the future.

“With nearly one in 10 people unemployed, our citizens are hurting. They need a bold leader with proven job-creation experience,” Fischer said. “My plan builds on our strengths as a city but also charts a new course for Louisville.”

Fischer unveiled his plan at the Renaissance Zone, a largely vacant business park south of Louisville International Airport that is poised for growth as the economy recovers. With vision, leadership and investment, Fischer said the zone could become the next Riverport.

The Democratic nominee for Louisville mayor said his jobs plan includes short-term economic generators, including building the bridges and Museum Plaza, and longer-term goals, such as growing green jobs.

He cited new energy-efficient products at GE Appliance Park, including hybrid water heaters being in-sourced from China, and new fuel-efficient vehicles at Ford as examples of Louisville can compete once again in manufacturing.

“Louisville should be known throughout the world as the leader in energy-efficient appliances – and in fuel-efficient vehicles,” he said. “Every modern GE appliance should be made in our city.”

Fischer said he also wants to make Louisville the capital of the senior/aging care industry, building upon the success of companies such as Kindred, Almost Family and Signature HealthCare.

“With America’s aging population, this sector has huge growth potential,” Fischer said. “Just as we have grown our logistics sector, Louisville should embrace the senior health care market.”

Fischer’s plan also includes slashing government red tape, making the city an easier place to do business, and growing the local food economy by developing processing plants that allow urban growers to bring their products to market, then ship them worldwide via UPS.

Fischer said he is the best candidate to grow jobs because it’s what he’s done his entire life.

He has owned or invested in 15 companies and has created 1,000 local jobs. He was a co-owner and president of SerVend International, taking a struggling company and transforming it into a global leader in ice and beverage dispensing machines just as convenience stores and fast-food restaurants were proliferating.

He grew that company into a 300-employee corporation with $70 million in sales that was honored with numerous awards, including a site visit for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1997, a top prize in business. SerVend also won the USA Today Quality Cup award.

Greg was a winner of Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s regional Entrepreneurs of the Year in the manufacturing division for his work with SerVend — and he was among the finalists for Inc. magazine’s U.S. Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Greg is also an owner of several Louisville companies including Dant Clayton, a Louisville company that designs sports stadiums, Vogt Ice, and Stonestreet One, a software company.

Fischer also has owned or invested in medical, real estate and other companies and was co-founder and chairman of bCatalyst, one of Louisville’s first private business incubators to nurture and grow new companies.

Get that? He has owned or invested in 15 companies. So he is an expert at solving Louisville’s problems. By that logic, I get to take credit for all of the jobs created by companies in which I have invested or own. Someone wanna take a look at my meager stocks and tell me how many jobs these companies have created? I’m sure its in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Also, could someone please explain how hiring people for businesses daddy bought you is actual job creation?

Check out Fischer’s ten bullet points after the jump…

Read moreGreg Fischer’s New Jobs “Plan” Released

Jackie Green on Green Energy Jobs

Yesterday, Jackie Green put out a press release that we like:

Louisville, Ky. — Jackie Green responds to today’s news that the Kentucky Economic Development has offered $7 million in incentives to an Australian company to build a coal-drying plant in Louisville, and that the EPA is being pressed to cut coal ash water pollution from Louisville’s Mill Creek power plant.

“Rather than perpetuate contaminates in our water, mountain top removal and sending Louisville dollars out of our local economy, Louisville needs to attract manufacturers of solar panels to Louisville (creating local jobs), install those panels on our roofs (creating more jobs) and keep Louisville energy dollars in Louisville. Let’s find a greener use of the $7 million.”

Where are the other two mayoral candidates on this front?

He’ll “Invent” Another Ice Machine For Jobs, Maybe

In case you missed it last night? The Kentucky Democratic Party’s Republican chairman, Daniel Logsdon, was, uh… he was on teevee. Nice to finally have a spokesperson who isn’t awful, though. You have GOT to check the archive out when you get a chance. Interesting that the KDP would promote Hal Heiner’s endorsement by the FOP over Greg Fischer. [Page One]

Today at 10:30, Greg Fischer will hold a presser to unveil his plan to grow jobs and put Louisville back to work. Corner of Outer Loop and Air Commerce Drive. I predict lots of Greek words about building around an airport. [Press Release]

It’s a shame people judge Louisville without actually experiencing Louisville. I think we can all agree on that point. [Consuming Louisville]

Don’t worry, Jerry Abramson will never chime in on pressing issues like those facing Jefferson County Public Schools. Never mind that he’s the current mayor and is running to be Kentucky’s next Lieutenant Governator. [WHAS11]

Jim Host is getting some kind of award for all the work everybody else did. [Business First]

Newsflash: People in the metro area grow marijuana. Everyone is so surprised. [WAVE3]

Greg Fischer is still defending the Ohio River Bridges debacle with every word he says. [WFPL]

Could we maybe quit it with all the murder? It’s getting kind of awful. [FOX 41]

A majority of Republicans believe Barack Obama sympathizes with Islamic fundamentalism and wants worldwide Islamic law. [HuffPo]

If you like the smell of pig guts and maybe want to see them on a regular basis, you’re in luck! Cellar Door Chocolates is opening up shop right across the street from the Swift hog slaughtering factory. [Broken Sidewalk]

Greg Fischer Opened Two New Offices

On Saturday, Greg Fischer opened two new “headquarters” locations. One at 24th & Broadway and one in the South End.

Here are photos of the two joints, courtesy the campaign:



So I sent folks out to both locations today. Guess what? No one at either operation.

The Heiner offices, on the other hand? Full-on machines.

Feel free to call me an evil Democrat-hater in the comments or whatever.