Very Important: Joe Arnold Wins At Life

Joe Arnold wins at life for this hilarious moment on teevee yesterday, discussing how dirty the courthouse was after testimony about the Karen Sypher-Rick Pitino sexytime scandal:


Haha. Get it? The courthouse needed a shower after all the juicy, juicy. Not even kidding. Cracked up while watching.

I will send Joe many, many amazing awards for that hilarity.

I’m sure you can find the entire segment on somewhere.

7 thoughts on “Very Important: Joe Arnold Wins At Life

  1. I have no idea if Glenn Hogan is married, but regardless, for someone in his position, he looks pretty bad pulling up Sypher’s skirt like a 5th grader and asking “what’s under there?”

    Prince Charles, who asked Camilla Parker Bowles if he could “live inside her a Tampax,” thinks that was a bad line.

  2. I think the updated question would be:
    “Oh my God! What the fuck is that under there?!?”
    Then he would run away screaming.

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