4 thoughts on “Time Waster: A Greg Fischer Funny

  1. In his defense, if you take the Census MSA, Nashville has a slightly higher population than Louisville. However, the mayor of Louisville only gets to govern people who live in Louisville or Jefferson County proper, not people who live across the river.

    Then again, maybe Fischer is confused that across the river isn’t Louisville with his magic ice machine inventing store over there.

  2. According to Wikipedia, if you use the county wide numbers, Louisville (Jefferson County) is 713,000 and Nashville (Davidson County) is 626,000. These numbers are all so confusing since there are so many political subdivisions in Kentucky. I did not do a personal count so I must rely on what I can discover.

    None the less, Fischer is confused on many issues and perhaps has had his brain in the ice serving machine, that he invented, for far too long.

  3. This is the source.

    ^ e: Indianapolis, Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN, Augusta, GA, and Athens, GA, are consolidated city-counties; the population given is for the entire city excluding other incorporated places lying within the county limits (see Indianapolis (balance), Louisville-Jefferson County (balance), and Nashville-Davidson (balance)). As of 2008, the consolidated populations of these city-counties including other incorporated places are, respectively: 880,380;[12] 713,877;[13] 626,144;[14] 199,486;[15] and 114,737.[15]

  4. Here are the current population estimates until the new 2010 Census results are released early next year for counties.

    Jefferson County’s 2009 population is 14% larger than Davidson Co., TN where Nashville is located:

    Jefferson County, KY 721,594
    Davidson County, TN 635,710

    But the 2009 population living in the overall Nashville market — its Metropolitan Statistical Area — is 26% larger than the Louisville metro area:

    Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, TN MSA 1,582,264 (13 counties)

    Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN MSA 1,258,577 (13 counties)

    Source: U.S. Census Bureau / http://www.census.gov

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