The Sexytime Trial Downtown Is Heating Up

Please don’t forget to make your nominations in the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards. We’ve got three categories live so far. [Page One]

Today at 11:30 A.M. the Fairness Campaign is hosting a ‘Show Me Your Papers’ street demonstration at 4th Street Live. They’ll be there in protest of Arizona’s discriminatory immigration law. [Press Release]

Randy Newman will appear with the Louisville Orchestra on Saturday, September 25. Ticket prices range from $30 to $72. [Press Release]

If you missed it yesterday, Kentucky’s got a brand new U.S. Senate candidate. And he’s about the most Anti-Semitic person on the planet. You’ll throw up. I promise. [More Page One]

A new sprayground opened in Portland. Does anyone miss the days when the city actually operated more than two or three swimming pools? [WFPL]

The Fright Night Film Festival is this weekend. You going? Maybe you’re too skeerd of scary movies? If the festival is anything like its website, you’re likely to go blind or suffer a seizure. [Fright Night]

Wishing on full moons is a new concept. But maybe it’s worth a shot. Seems to make more sense than most anything done in Washington or in Frankfort. [LEO Weekly]

Maybe Rick Pitino is gonna spice things up. Karen Sypher’s attorney is set to question him. [Herald-Leader]

Actually, Rick Pitino told jurors of his sexytime. How scary. [FOX 41]

10 thoughts on “The Sexytime Trial Downtown Is Heating Up

  1. The MOST outrageous individuals in the Pitino fiasco aren’t the immediate actors. They are Ramsey and the school’s Board of Trustees for extending the coach’s contract and raising his pay ALL THE WHILE KNOWING THAT THIS TRIAL WAS GOING TO OCCUR AND BESMERCH THE UNIVERSITY’S (!) REPUTATION. Utterly beyond belief.

  2. Nothing is beyond belief where U of L is concerned–where is all the money coming from that U of L is using to advertise in every publication within a thousand mile radius of Louisville?????

  3. They extended his contract and raised his pay because he does his job. Regardless of his poor personal choices, he has taken UofL to two final fours, numerous tournament wins and a conference championship. He earns his money on the court. Anyone who knows about Pitino, knows he’s a skirt chaser since his days back at UK. This is just the first one that publicly broadcasted it.

  4. And you would think at least a smart skirt chaser with his experience. I hate to delve into the tabloid nature of this but this grifter would have never aborted Quicky Ricky’s kid…never. He got beat when he bought into the charade and she aborted someone else’s kid. The fix was in at that point and it was just a matter of time. Time extended by Quicky by marrying off his subordinate to her

    ..god I sound like the Enquirer..

    And lastly, 15 seconds? Rick, WTF?

  5. UofL is banking that the amount of money they make off Pitino will outweigh any loss they might incur from negative publicity here-don’t think they haven’t thought this out.

  6. Todd and JeffnClifton: If you’re right about the money, then why not hire Snookie as a member of the Cardinal Birds? There’s NO MONEY that comes into the athletic department THAT EVER FINDS ITS WAY to the school, EXCEPT the scholarship money which is about $8k to 12k a year depending on whether the athlete is a state or out-of-state resident. B.F.D.

  7. Why not hire Snookie as a Cardinal Bird?!? WTF?!? That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I wont even begin to touch that one.

    No money ever finds its way to the school?? Really? Then I guess all the money for the renovations on the sports fields and new tracks and facilities just materialized out of then air. Every dollar that comes in from regular season games, tournament games, concession stands, and memoribilia goes right back into the department.
    People like you tried this with Conneticut two years ago, when they’re coach was the highest paid at the time. Then he was making a million a year and people like griped that it was too much. But then when you look at the figures, they brought in ten million every year they went to the final four. So you paying one million and gettting ten million in return. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Besides, Adolph Rupp said it best when asked by a professor why he made more then the professor. (God help me, I’m quoting Rupp).
    “The day you can fill an arena just by simply explaining your work and theories, then you can have my paycheck.” I’m loosely paraphrasing there but you get the point.

    The day you start selling out Freedom Hall or Papa Johns by advertising the Professors putting out their theories and works, then that’s the day I’ll give your argument credit and start to listen to you.

  8. Just to be safe, you might want to check those figures again Highlander.

    By my calculations (and my math grades were always suspect, BTW) the ULAA will pay the University roughly $1,736,040 in tuition alone for the football team this upcoming academic year ($10,212 per 85 scholarship players per two semesters) and $612,720 for men’s & women’s basketball.

    Most of the Olympic sports have the equivalent of 8-12 scholarships depending on the program, so multiply that be around 20 and the ULAA is paying a pretty decent sum every year in tuition costs alone (at the out-of-state rate regardless if the student-athlete is a Kentucky resident or not). Also, they are paying the housing, meal plans and fees for that number as well.

    Anyway, while it’s not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, it’s more than chicken feed, and a bit little more than the “NO MONEY” you claimed earier.

    I heard the same thing when I was in Athens, Ga., the last couple of years too where the UGA athletic dept. is rolling profits in the $65 million range (although UGA’s AA did recently make a $6 million donation back to the school in addition to the other monies it’s paying to the University (all of this prior to, of course, their AD driving drunk with red panties and a woman who’s not his wife in the car earlier this month in ATL).

    Just for disclosure’s sake, I previously worked for the ULAA (2002-2005) and recently returned to U of L earlier this year (in a different department, and different campus for that matter), and I can report that neither time has my workspace been near a pool or tennis court, etc., things most would associate with an “athletic club.”


  9. Quick clarification: It’s $10,212 per semester, so it should $20,424 in tuition per academic year multiplied by the number of full scholarships.

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