PPP Results In Kentucky Senate Race

Public Policy Polling just released data on the Kentucky U.S. Senate race.

The poll results:

  • Jack Conway 43%
  • Rand Paul 43%
  • Undecided 14%

Crosstab Highlights:

  • 37% Approve of Obama’s job performance, 58% disapprove
  • 31% support health care reform, 60% disapprove
  • 31% find Jack Conway favorable, 29% unfavorable, 40% not sure
  • 34% find Rand Paul favorable, 42% unfavorable (wow), 24% not sure
  • 36% think the media is treating Liberty Christ fairly, 42% unfairly, 23% not sure
  • 16% think Rand is too liberal, 26% too conservative, 45% about right, 13% not sure
  • 36% think Jack is too liberal, 7% too conservative, 42% about right, 15% not sure
  • 68% support the Civil Rights Act, 7% don’t, 25% not sure (!)
  • 9% think private business should be able to discriminate on race, 83% don’t, 8% not sure
  • 68% think the law should require serving disabled customers, 19% don’t, 13% not sure

5 thoughts on “PPP Results In Kentucky Senate Race

  1. I bet a lot of people didn’t know they were talking about THE Civil Right’s Act. If you’re not paying attention I imagine it’s easy to think the surveyor’s were talking about something on the table now.

  2. This is disturbing, the voters they gave us Jim Bunning, Mitvh McConnel, David Williams, etc. are now seemingly poised to give us Rand Paul.
    Seems Fox and Clear Channel are doing their best (worst).

  3. 16% think Rand is too liberal, 26% too conservative, 45% about right, 13% not sure.

    That’s the one that really bother’s me. The guy is about as far off the chart to the right as you can get and he is “too liberal.” I think in the vein of Hall’s comment – people don’t actually know what the term “liberal” actually means anymore. The Left / Right divide has been so grossly skewed by both sides that the terms don’t really mean anything anymore…

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