Hal Heiner On Tolling Bridges

Unlike Greg Fischer, Hal Heiner takes an actual position:

“This afternoon the Louisville Southern Indiana Bridges Authority submitted a report to the regional planning agency with estimated tolls of $6 per trip. This would represent one of Louisville’s largest tax increases and I will not support this rate. While we realize this is a preliminary number, I urge the authority to work diligently to reduce this rate. If $6 per trip is the only way the authority can build 2 bridges, then I believe we need to reduce the scope of the project by breaking it into more manageable phases with the east end bridge being the first phase of a multi phase project. While I believe I-65 and Spaghetti Junction will ultimately have to be addressed, I find a $6 trip financially irresponsible and a burden Louisvillians will not accept.”

Seriously, folks. NO TOLLS. Press your candidates to avoid tolls.

Local Teen Mothers Show You How It’s Done

One of our hometown high schools is getting national attention… for giving teen mothers a second chance. The principal, Sara York, says things like, “Being a teen mom isn’t an excuse to fail, it’s the reason you must succeed.” And you should probably watch the show when it airs this Sunday on MTV at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.

Here’s a clip:

It’s a heartwarming look at a reality many people choose to ignore.

The show was produced by a Louisvillian.

Give Back By Laughing At This Guy

No Kill Louisville (animal advocacy/adoption/care) will host a Night at the Improv on Thursday, August 5 at 8:00 P.M. Comedian Josh Wolf (dangerously hot for a comedian, ladies & ladydudes!) from Chelsea Lately will be the headlining act.

Tickets are $15 for two people and all proceeds benefit efforts to create a no-kill city.

Click here ASAP to get tickets, as numbers are limited.

Governor Beshear’s Weekly Video Address

This week Governor Steve Beshear spends 3:03 discussing Transforming Education in Kentucky (TEK).

He says he’s made education his top priority. And I guess that’s why he’s focused 80% of his time on three failed gambling proposals, 10% of his time on getting re-elected and the other 10% cutting and wasting educational funds left and right.

Not to mention – he’s not done a damn thing to stop the corruption at the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky or with Sheldon Berman at JCPS.

Dave Jennings Joins Afternoon Underdogs

Dave Jennings, popular personality from the Joe B. & Denny Show will join Tony Vanetti on the even more popular show Afternoon Underdogs (they’re also on Facebook) on Sports Radio 790 / 101-7 WKRD.

From a Clear Channel press release:

Announcing the new appointment, Clear Channel Louisville Market President Bill Gentry said, “Dave’s disturbed sense of humor matches up well with Tony’s. Plus, Tony could use some adult supervision.”

Jennings commented: “I’m looking forward to tapping into Tony’s keen sports mind. Once I get past the foam, of course.”

Tony Vanetti warmly welcomed his new partner to the Afternoon Underdogs show: “I’ve been hosting this show alone for three months, and this is the best they could do? Really?”

You sports nerds excited?

Jennings starts on July 26th, replacing Adam Neft.

Weekly Transportation Lady Video Update

Haha, so, funny story… the Transportation Cabinet has removed me from its press list. Hahaha.

Anyway, this week the Transportation Lady discusses KYTC scholarships awarded to students for the study of civil engineering and related technology:

I’d say something mean about being removed from the list… but… HAHAHA. It’s too funny to be upset.

Whores And Pigs Are Everywhere This Friday

Gabe Bullard will make you puke when you read this. [WFPL]

Rand Paul’s got some serious baggage these days. Meanwhile, his supporters are spinning this one out of control. [Page One]

State employees were honored for giving back to those in need. See, kids, government employees do good things. [WHAS11]

Wanna know why the obesity rate is out of control in some areas of Eastern Kentucky? Look no further than the corruption of “leaders” and “officials.” It’s enough to make you sick. Even the good people are on the take in the mountains. [H-L]

Thanks to Joe Arnold for pointing out that A Kentucky Newspaper will essentially be controlling the upcoming mayoral debate at Bellarmine. [More From Joe]

Really, Daniel Mongiardo is a political whore. Like I mused on Page One, he was likely dropped on his head as a child. [Fat Lip]

What the heck went down at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park? Did everything just cold burn to the ground? Ugh. [WAVE3]

Who knew this would get more exciting than a little sexytime at Porcini? Jurors have called Rick Pitino a “pig” and Karen Sypher a “whore.” Possibly the most amazing legal story ever, in history, amen. [FOX 41]

Horrible News: Fairdale Bigfoot Is Retiring!

OH NOES: Look!

Now look, in all seriousness humans, Fairdale Bigfoot has an important message. Fairdale Bigfoot has been doing some thinking, and it’s time to take a break. These last ten months have been fantastic, but Fairdale Bigfoot needs time to romp in the woods. Fairdale Bigfoot has enjoyed solving all of your embarrassing but hilarious personal problems, and if you are still troubled, Fairdale Bigfoot will write ten more columns, one every Thursday, to round out one solid year of half-assed but wholeheartedly sincere advice. In these modern times, no retirement is permanent, and perhaps one day Fairdale Bigfoot will rise like a phoenix (or Jay-Z) and write again, but for now, you have ten weeks.

So please, humans, send your questions to Fairdale Bigfoot before the end of September.

An entire metropolitan area weeps!

Dear Shannon White: You Lost, Get Over it

Why are you still complaining?

Specifically, White was disheartened when the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus endorsed Greg Fischer.


“In the mayoral primary, Rep. Joni Jenkins, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian and Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh all supported men,” White says. “And it’s shocking that trailblazing women did that considering they know firsthand the struggles women face in politics. And it seemed like the ladder was being pulled up.”

They didn’t endorse you because you were a terrible candidate and because they know you.

Yeah, a third of those people endorsed an absolute farce. But come on. Quit acting like you’re owed something.